Theatres have to turn a profit of course but shouldn’t they aspire to do more than that?

From our ever popular series, Questions in The Times We Can Answer

In more detail, we already have a subsidised theatre sector. The point of which is to do the stuff that the seeking a profit sector doesn’t have to.

12 thoughts on “No”

  1. I’ve only been to the theatre once. It was to see Jesus Christ Superstar, and I left the place completely sympathising with Casca Longinus.

  2. ‘Theatres have to turn a profit of course but shouldn’t they aspire to do more than that?’

    Yes. They should aspire to end world hunger and bring peace to the Middle East.

  3. We shouldn’t have a subsidised theatre; if you aren’t gathering the votes of people’s wallets then why should they be made to pay for your notions of value?

  4. “There’s little original.”

    Because why would you? Why would you write for something as inefficient as theatre? Why keep paying actors, set and lighting people, night after night, to audiences of 1000, when you can make a movie that you can show to millions?

    That’s why David Mamet’s probably the last great playwright. Everyone who has a talent for writing goes straight into cinema or TV.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Subsidising the theatre is a sop to the middle classes to make the virtue of paying taxes a bit easier to swallow.

  6. @Tim

    I disagree with blunt “No”

    If they make a profit they can do or aspire to do whatever they want – provided Zero taxpayer subsidies

    Wrong is ‘aspiring’ using £25 Million of taxpayer money

    No, sell it


    Similar but more: a few Lloyd-Weber musicals, a few Rocky Horrors. Plus a few £1 “first night/final dress rehearsal” – some good, none ‘walkout’

    In total, number is < 1/2 my age

    OT Floods

    A tip: buy a house on a hill, not at bottom of hill or in a valley

    I lived in a house on Wheatley Eyot for a while, it was built on eight foot brick pillars

  7. @PJH

    +1 confirming again why £4-5 Billion cost pa Dept of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport should be abolished completely, not redistributed

    None of these should be ruled by Gov diktat and subsidies, all are free choice

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