“Only one of mine did”

What could be – but probably shouldn’t be – Trump’s response to this:

Pete Buttigieg hits back at Trump: My marriage “never involved me sending hush money to a porn star”

Or perhaps “Are we sure Hillary’s didn’t?”

15 thoughts on ““Only one of mine did””

  1. I thought that “when they go low, we go high”. Surely Obama wouldn’t get something that basic wrong, would he?

  2. I’d (not) go with:

    “But yours does involve you taking it up the arse. I’m not gonna let that happen to America.”

  3. Why even bother? Buttplug will never get the Dems nomination, because they know their ‘core inner city’ vote won’t vote for a gayer.

  4. Dennis, A Wog Or Not A Wog... That Is The Question

    One thing you can say about Mayor Pete: He invariably comes across as smug and sanctimonious.

    Which is exactly what ‘Merica needs right now… A president who is both a sodomite and a prig.

  5. It is fun watching the BBC trying to make the most of his success while trying to skirt around the issue of southern voters, especially black voters, not wanting to vote for a gay man. Usually tuck a sentence or 2 away at the end of articles so they don’t look totally stupid when the campaign grinds to a halt.
    Also seems stupid as has been said at the last election and even more so know Trumps sexual history is baked in, everyone knows and has made a decision on it already.
    Unless Petey is trolling and hoping for something he can claim is homophobic, even as a dog whistle, in response so as to give the media a story.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    In the clown world of American liberal, intersectional, politics it turns out Mayor Pete isn’t gay enough:

    The intersectionality-obsessed media claims Buttigieg doesn’t have enough diversity points to run for president. It’s just another proof that when the left gets what they said they want, they move the goalposts.

    If a straight actor plays a gay role today, the movie is likely to be boycotted by LGBT activists. If a gay actor plays a transgender role, the same can happen. Although we were once thrilled by mainstream representation, we now find LGBT people complaining that even the first openly gay candidate running for president just isn’t queer or diverse enough.

    As well as providing us with lots of entertainment it does mean that we enjoy it on the assumption the left isn’t going to be getting in to office anytime soon.

    And in UK now that Blair’s stepped in to the fray Labour is going to make Kamikaze pilots appear sane.

  7. Related topic. They’re probably not clever enough, but is it possible the DNC/media let themselves be bribed to let Bloomberg onto the platform, with the aim of getting him to fill their coffers whilst reviving Warren’s campaign? Her remarks seemed very well prepared to me, and she was placed right next to him for maximum effect. It looked like a planned, coordinated hit.

    More money plus Bernie shoved aside would please them, yes?

  8. Warren is toast, alongside Biden.
    The Dems are floating the idea of Buttigieg and Bloomberg to try to counteract the only candidate from the left who is genuinely popular – Bernie. The catch is he is electoral kryptonite to the wider American public.
    Trump doesn’t need to reply to Buttigieg. All he has done is draw attention to Trump’s alpha maleness, which every red blooded American guy is only going to be envious of.

  9. Dennis, He Of The Seven Firing Brain Cells

    Bloomberg is toast as well.

    You know, even Dennis – he of the seven firing brain cells – could have told Bloomberg that the last thing he should ever do is get on a debate podium with anyone. He should have just kept pouring money into ads and restricting himself to tightly controlled appearances.

    Last night Mike Bloomberg lost control of his messaging, and he’ll never get it back.

  10. @PJF +1


    But, “their ‘core inner city’ vote” voted for Obama


    Trump’s alpha maleness went down well at Daytona 500, certainly put some testosterone in drivers’ battle to win

    Daytona 500* – 15 Laps to go and at ~200mph

    * USA’s bigger, faster, more expensive Banger Racing


    +1 Some say Buttigieg’s a Google AI Robot

  11. Mike Bloomberg – what he denies he said & MSM talks about, but rarely shows

    Thinking about it, if he’s denying his comments were “racist – he’s correct, he spoke Truth; sadly Truth is now offensive, racist….

    Michael Bloomberg calls to collect after years of campaign donations
    Then Bad News…

    Mike Bloomberg belittles farming, factory jobs

    Trump hammers Bloomberg over farmer comments


    Hannity correct on Mini Mike demeaning farmers, but lost it when he spouted on about Degrees in Agri Soil. Next week he’ll be calling them junk degrees.

    @Jim what are your thoughts on all those Agri Degrees?

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