Oooooh, Goodoh!

No wonder many remain concerned that we are heading for being Singapore-on-Thames. The rhetoric used suggests that the fear is justified.

Someone’s going to have to remind me what’s so terrible about Singapore on Thames though.

A distinctly richer place, with a better health care system, a government that can actually produce the housing the population needs, with a bit more inequality.

The problem being?

The Gini coefficient – which measures income inequality from 0 to 1, with 0 being most equal – fell to 0.452 last year, lower than 0.458 in 2018 and the lowest since 2001, according to the Department of Statistics’ Key Household Income Trends report released on Thursday (Feb 20).

Government transfers and taxes reduced the Gini coefficient further to 0.398.

About the same level of market inequality of incomes as here, the outcome being a little more post- tax and benefit inequality.

Shrug. That a deal you’d accept for a 50% pay rise?

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  1. Tim- ok i keep hearing this,,, but don’t you have to compare Singapore on thames with London on thames and which one’s doing better under their respective systems.

  2. Well, HB, you should also extend your comparison to non-financial metrics. People in Singapore feel safe in the streets and are pleased to be run by competent, able people.

    The chap who runs SG was Senior Wrangler in his day. The chap who runs London is Mr Khan.

  3. Under what circumstances do we expect the system which got us here to suddenly find the ability to deliver Singapore-style economic success?

  4. Someone’s going to have to remind me what’s so terrible about Singapore on Thames though.

    As restrictive as Singapore is, you guys might actually end up *freer* than you are now if that happened;)

    You’ll get caned for chewing gum, sure – but you won’t get a visit from the cops at work, possibly arrested, definitely put on a watch list, for saying ‘there are only two genders’ or ‘maybe immigrants should assimilate’.

  5. It’s been remarkable to talk to Singaporean colleagues about their relationship with government. One big difference is that they seem to feel almost a relationship with key officials. If something is annoying you in your neighbourhood, you know who your local official is and you can call him up to complain, and then remarkably things then get sorted (assuming it’s something non-contentious).

    It’s as if parish councils were customer service career professionals with real teeth, rather than half-senile squabbling nobodies.

    I forget why it was exactly they actually cared about service levels, unlike our own illustrious local public servants… I seem to recall that they get assessed based on local satisfaction somehow, but I can’t remember the details

  6. AndrewM

    As opposed to Murphy’s vision where we emulate a country where inhabitants attempt to swim a polluted river as the only means of escape?

    Point taken re: demographics but under his proposed government much of the population would be put into camps and killed off so same result

  7. Oblgong- well SG does well in that comparison true- had dinner there opposite Raffles (chimes) with my Uncle and Aunty while their kids (6,9) skootered “somewhere” out in the streets. Hunthinkable in the london equivalent say covent garden.

  8. Someone’s going to have to remind me what’s so terrible about Singapore on Thames

    Me too.

    Aren’t all these attacks on Singapore white supremacist racist?

  9. As far as I know Singapore does not have fake charities to hand Ritchie grants or non-jobs in its universities.

    Ritchie might have to get a proper job!

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    You’d think that the left would be drooling at the opportunity:

    1. Paternalistic government that is just about guaranteed to stay in power
    2. Govt own 80% of housing and demands all areas reflect ethnic makeup.
    3. Ability to pass as many bansturbation laws as they see fit.
    4. Capitalists happy to pay for it all.

  11. Gini is overrated, if you doubled everyone’s wages it remains the same but the bloke who can only afford a Ford can now buy a Mercedes, whereas the bloke who has a Ferrari buys … another Ferrari?

    The fact that Gini addresses income is a cover for how its main proponents really want to redistribute votes and political power, at the moment Gini votes are zero (everyone has one vote), but to be sure, that’s not what the Gini people think is a good thing.

  12. 43 % of residents actually born abroad…yup that would go down well with the Brexit vote , I`m not sure they voted for ditching the NHS or state pensions either . Interesting place and a lot to think about but the idea the UK can be an Asian market hub for services and high tech has several obvious problems

  13. As the British government belives it is their job to capture surplus wealth so as to prevent uncontrolled growth, that’s a bit of a stretch.

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