Peeps should know this shit

At least, peeps who are trying to be economic commentators should know these basics of economics:

You’re Right – Jason Hickel Is An Ignorant Know Nothing Twat

Hickel wants to tell us that capitalism hasn’t made the poor richer because before capitalism the peeps had commons that they lived off.

Hickel’s problem is that our estimations of poverty and income already include the stuff that people got, before and during capitalism, off those commons.

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  1. Jesus, people talk a lot of ignorant shit about the commons. The great West Field of Cambridge was enclosed in 1802. (The town had a roughly equally big second field, called the East Field.) The population of the town was 9,000.

    Without looking it up tell me how many people had commoners’ rights on the West Field.

  2. What one can’t learn about how commons in the olden days worked from this bookletis not worth learning – this booklet tells it all, I heartily recommend it.

    Epsom Common (living history publications local guide no 5), by Epsom Common Association (1981).

    I have this off-site but remember that in the 20’s/30’s they rode an elephant from Chessington zoo onto the ice on the pond in Epsom Common. The ice held.

  3. Ah yes, the good old precapitalist days when the working man was free to graze his goats and chickens on the common, to shit directly into God’s clean earth and to feast on pease pudding 365 days a year!

  4. About this fucking coming out of closet Schofield bumboy, what a surprise eh? I don’t watch those morning programmes but saw a video on youtube where John Torrode was doing a steak masterclass…Schofield was so obviously a poof I naturally assumed he was out. The wife would have known from day one and the children from day one in puberty.

    Now he is so brave and a role model. “his name indicates jewish,it’s really hard in a jewish community to comeout” For fuck’s sake, he is not Hassidic or even National Religious. He is our hero.

    Who is this Kiwi or Aussie sports guy, Israel something, a Christian chap, how dare he! burn him!

  5. @Tim W

    Talking of poverty, did you see today’s FT front page?

    McDonnell Javid planning to hammer the rich in budget in pursuit of equality “level up”. Pensions, inheritance tax, entrepreneur’s relief, capital gains tax…

    Cummings said to be furious

    Meanwhile, more insanity & waste with “bigger & better” Help To Buy
    First-time buyers will get a third off the cost of a home under new government plan to help young people, key workers and military veterans

    Key workers? Like food producers & sellers?

  6. “About this fucking coming out of closet Schofield bumboy, what a surprise eh? ”

    Gentleman who earns living in light entertainment is gay shock.

  7. abacab said:
    “His claim that people “live well” on a subsistence lifestyle is also incredibly laughable.”

    It may seem so now, but wait until we reach “net zero”; by then, a subsistence lifestyle for most of us will seem an unimaginable golden age.

  8. I notice that while claiming subsistence farming is better for us all, he doesn’t bother to actually live that way himself.

    Lots of people do. They go off grid and live very simple lives. But they do it to get away from things, not as a way of being wealthier.

    Revealed preference tells you rather more than fancy words. Jason Hickel works in London, about as far from subsistence farming as it is possible to get.

    (Like me, he needs glasses. As a subsistence farmer of the past, I would be basically blind. What a life!)

  9. Peeps should know the State is shit

    A six-year-old boy holidaying in London with his family was hurled 100ft from the viewing platform of the Tate Modern gallery.

    His mother let out a ‘primal scream’ as he plummeted to what she thought would be his certain death, in August last year.

    As revealed yesterday, the man who threw the child to what he hoped would be his death, Jonty Bravery, had warned, even bragged of, his plans.

    He was a teenager in care who told two of his six carers — who watched over him day and night at a cost of £150,000 a year — he wanted to kill someone.

    In autumn 2018 one of the carers recorded Bravery saying he was determined to ‘push somebody off’ a tall building so he would be sent to prison, an idea he found preferable to living in council care in a flat in West London, subsidised by us.

    Somehow, despite his appalling statement of intent, Bravery was allowed out to commit his terrible crime.

    And yet, from Radio 4’s Today programme to ITV’s GMB*, people lined up yesterday to place the blame on ‘cuts’. That little boy would still be playing footie if it hadn’t been for ‘austerity’, the pundits crowed.

    What nonsense. Bravery’s own family couldn’t cope with him, so the state stepped in.

    He had more money spent on him a week than elderly people languishing at home in squalor could dream of. It is a story of human failure and tragedy. To hijack it and try to turn it into a political football is nothing short of atrocious.

    And by drawing attention away from the real failings in Bravery’s care, it makes it harder for us all to learn the lessons of this awful case

    Learn the lessons that the state is incompetent at everything they do. Bravery had 24/7 care by from teams of two at a cost of £150,000 pa – more money would make no difference. Stricter supervision would

    The Labourite commentariat are like a malfunctioning Alexa that answers “austerity” to every question
    Greece has austerity. We ran deficits and continued to amass debt, yet we call that austerity
    God help us if we ever try to live within our national means


  10. Pcar–Exactly so–the Bravery cunt would likely still have done it if twice the money had been spent on him.

    I wonder what the outcome would have been had his expression of his desire to kill been met with a quality good hiding and being hung by his heels off a skyscraper with the promise that he would be dropped if he ever did kill anyone, I have little time for the “he can’t help it” school.

    Food for thought

  11. Unsure how greater police spending would have stopped this lunatic. A personal policeman following him around? Mass surveillance? 200 hundred police officers patrolling the gallery?

  12. Telegraph FP today running with the Javid/McDonnell “tax the rich”


    The Streatham stabber had three armed cops following him 24/7 – 20 per day in total. Didn’t stop him stabbing others.

    Unsurprisingly he was another dope smoking Hashashin – school colleagues said he was a weirdo always smoking weed and high

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