Ritchie does management consultancy

The two issues were related though. Many of the new ‘toys’ were expensive exercises in centralising control. As the business had grown, the core management team had lost confidence in its ability to control a growing team. Incentives had changed and discretion had been removed from line managers.

Some issues that had devolved to them had become subject to central control and standardisation, in ways that were not working. Quite simply, the line managers had stopped managing because they were not given enough discretion to do so: from arranging shift patterns to making short term decisions on scheduling and many other matters where previously their on the spot knowledge had kept productivity high in ways that no standardised system could deliver.

The cost of that loss of flexibility, when added to management’s new toys, had eliminated the bottom line almost in its entirety.

This from the man who would plan the entire economy from the centre – see Green New Deal.

9 thoughts on “Ritchie does management consultancy”

  1. Sounds like his big state grift has failed. Fuck knows who would hire him, though.

    Not that he’ll be much cop at this. It’s not about either tech or soft skills, it’s about using the two together where appropriate. Plenty of software out there for managing shift patterns which deals with both problems.

  2. It would be very handy to learn the names of any businesses that might hire the Spud, just so that I can unload any stock I might be holding in them. But since it’s unlikely to be anything larger than a corner shop …

  3. Gamecock

    “I can translate: They put in SAP.”

    I’d go instead with CM’s guess; unlikely to be that kind of size. From the way he’s describing it (and his tendency in any case for exaggeration): “Small to small med”, absolute max.

  4. Maybe. But for an unmitigated disaster, you need SAP.

    It’s possible to have a disaster without SAP, but SAP pretty much guarantees a disaster.

    (I imagine there must be at least one successful implementation somewhere in the world, that came in on budget and delivered what was promised, but I’ve never heard of any such – and if they existed, I’m sure SAP would be shouting about them from the rooftops.)

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