First, we never censor content. Our powers to sanction broadcasters who breach our rules apply only after a programme has aired. In fact, the clear, fair and respected code that we enforce on TV and radio acts as a strong deterrent against poor behaviour.

So your rules do censor what people say then?

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  1. Our powers to sanction broadcasters who breach our rules apply only after a programme has aired

    So they can reair the sanctioned material with a disclaimer at the start saying that the regulators are wicked for censoring what’s about to follow?

  2. Similar to this idea of so called freedom of speech. Of course there is one but it comes with responsibilities and consequences and one mustn’t flirt with racism, nor should one offend anyone (except fascists and climate deniers etc).

  3. There is a subtle difference. If they broadcast and it breaches the guidelines then it is no different from our rule of law. Break the law and you are punished but it is the law that is censoring and wrong.

    Where I work has a similar policy. You can say what you want but if someone complains our HR looks at it and can sack you because of something one person complained about and they they agree with even if it isn’t illegal. They call it bringing the company into disrepute.

  4. ‘But in the wrong hands, online services have also become a means of promoting hate, harm and fear, leading to a serious debate about how to make them safer.’

    I can translate: things he disagrees with.

    Free speech isn’t even a thing until someone says something you DON’T LIKE. What you like needs no protection. Free speech MEANS promoting hate, harm and fear. Which he is NOT against. He is against your speaking against him.

    ‘regulate harmful content online’ = fascist control

    When he looks in a mirror, he cannot see his own evil.

  5. This is actually worse then censorship. A censor would block before publication or broadcast. There’s no implicit penalty attached to censorship apart from the inability to have the material disseminated.
    OFCOM makes up it’s mind after the material’s disseminated & can impose hefty fines. So, nervous of financial penalties there’s a strong incentive to self censor well inside the boundaries.

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