Snippa on freeports and Brexit

Even for Spudda being so directly contradictory is rare.

For the claim is that Brexit is bad because it places regulatory and paperwork barriers in the way of trade. Freeports are bad because they free trade from regulatory and paperwork barriers.

10 thoughts on “Snippa on freeports and Brexit”

  1. Are we talking about freeports (just the duty-free warehouses) or special economic zones (which might include factories & offices)? Much of the commentary seems to conflate the two, purposefully.

  2. The reason for Freeports is that fish processing at port is a large part of the industry .Unless fish can move in and out unimpeded the industry will be dead( its all EU fish )
    The contradiction is of course the other way around .If the best way to avoid costs and unmanageable bureaucracy is to be exempt from Brexit then why can`t we all be exempt ?

  3. Generally people like him start with a position and work backwards to find facts, any facts, which may or may not support this position for the next ten minutes, until the goldfishborg loses interest and swims into the next ‘issue’.

  4. Newmie: Unless fish can move in and out unimpeded the industry will be dead( its all EU fish )

    That’s beautiful in its meaningless, multi-layered simplicity.

  5. @Andrew M

    Some project fear silly iLib unDem bint on news: Freeports could be slave labour wastelands with no tax, employment, environmental or other regulations.



    Nissan No Deal planning: seemingly they’re likely to close all EU plants and do all in UK with EU deemed a niche export market

  6. As Newmainia raised fish, a question:

    RoI moaning on C4 they must have access to UK waters or catastrophe

    Why? They have ~half Irish Sea and large swathe of Atlantic themselves

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