Snippa pronounces!

Most tax reliefs related to wealth and savings would go on that basis: few deliver any obvious benefit that could not be better achieved in other ways. The job of the tax system is not to redistribute wealth upwards, but that is what most of these reliefs do.

With which Spudda demands that Julian Richer pay lots more tax.

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  1. ‘The job of the tax system is not to redistribute wealth upwards’

    So in his eyes the job is to redistribute wealth downwards – might explain the collapse of the ‘Red Wall’ – Indeed what’s noticeable whenever I speak to or engage in debate with people like Murphy (albeit much more capable of holding a debate) what filters through without exception is utter contempt for people in the second and third deciles of the income distribution. Such people, who in many cases have an eager desire to be independent of state assistance and self-reliant are utterly despised by those who hold the state in a state of deification.

  2. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    The job of the tax system is not to redistribute wealth upwards, but that is what most of these reliefs do.

    Only if you start with the supposition that all wealth belongs to the state rather than the individual.

    Once again, Richard Murphy reveals himself for the totalitarian he is.

  3. I think this weekend might have seen a few spontaneous nocturnal emissions in the master bedroom of that unimpressive end terrace in Ely at the news of the proposed restriction of pension tax relief to the basic rate of tax only.

  4. The pension relief argument runs something along the lines of….

    “It costs a basic rate taxpayer 80p to put £1 into his pension whereas it costs a higher rate taxpayer only 60p. This isn’t fair.”

    This is of course utter, utter, utter bollocks.

    Because if it isn’t utter bollocks, the same argument could be applied to any expenditure for which you get tax relief.

    If a basic rate tax paying plumber buys a £1 notepad, it costs him 80p but it only costs the higher rate tax paying plumber 60p.

    Utter, utter, utter bollocks.

    That a conservative chancellor is thinking of doing this shows how shit this lot are.

    their main redeeming feature is they aren’t Corbyn.

  5. The thing that amazes me is that Lefty fools – eg dsquared, flying rodent, Simon Wrong-Lewis, Flipchart Rick etc, probably Philip Pullcock as well – ritually describe this as a Right Wing government. If only we could have one of those

  6. Andrew C

    The logic, of course, is that this would merely be clawing back some of the billions being stuffed into the groaning pots of the wealthiest workers.

    At the moment, someone earning £150,000 only has to pay £55 to make an effective £100 contribution to their pension. Someone on £20,000 a year has to save £80 to get the same £100.

    This from the personal finance editor of the Daily Torygraph.

  7. Andrew C

    Absolutely – this either is some hackneyed attempt to triangulate with their ‘New’ Northern voters. It in effect conceding the basic principle of Murphy that tax reliefs are in some way a ‘subsidy’ – it plays into his narrative that really, the only acceptable tax rate is 100%. It’s a very dangerous precedent to set and appears to be a direct attempt to appease pure evil.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I suppose its only small numbers of people but I paid a lot in to my pension fund through salary sacrifice for the few years I was employed in my later working life and then directly from my company when I went back to consulting as that had the benefit of being pre-taxable profit.

  9. Clears throat for the usual recriminations

    “their main redeeming feature is they aren’t Corbyn.”

    And yet, people fall for it every time.

    It’s weird. The Tories have been marched through by the SJW mob. But at the same time it’s almost as if the Labour Party is an invention of Tory HQ, to scare people into voting Tory.

  10. Andrew C,

    “If a basic rate tax paying plumber buys a £1 notepad, it costs him 80p but it only costs the higher rate tax paying plumber 60p.”

    Don’t give them ideas!

  11. @Andrew C

    That a conservative chancellor is thinking of doing this shows how shit this lot are

    Agree. Cummings want Javid sacked in reshuffle. Carrie doesn’t. Cummings also wants Villiers, McVey, Wallace and Coffey sacked

    Villiers was pathetic on QT a few weeks ago

  12. Boris, the Blair in Tory’s clothing

    This elite is still ‘progressive,’ which – in our Orwellian ‘double-plus-good’ discourse – is a figleaf term for a hideous Marxist triumph, defined by blatant racism, sexism, and authoritarianism. Whites are now the minority in British advertising; men are relegated in education and family law; and the popular majority is ignored, on the claim that it does not know what it is voting for*, whenever it disagrees with the elite.

    In further evidence of elite triumph over popular expectations, the government has accepted advice from an unelected panel to reduce promised restrictions on immigration: the promised Australian-style points-based system will apply only to jobless immigrants; and the salary cap will be reduced below the average British wage.

    And then there’s HS2, the vanity project initiated by the Labour government and confirmed by David Cameron, Theresa May, and (reports so far indicate) Boris Johnson too, on the pious but naive argument that southern conservatives can buy northern socialists with a railway. Northerners want local investment, not a new national folly

    The Johnson administration has rapidly** shifted our expectations from fireworks to the same gruel offered by his predecessors.

    HS2: Northern voters reject HS2

    Javid: “Ignorant kuckle-draggers don’t know what’s good for them”

    * Had that again on QT last week. Labour bint “Voters didn’t understand the greatness of Corbyn and our manifesto”

    ** December 15 is less than two months ago, >58 months of gruel

    If the Johnson administration doesn’t differentiate from the legacy, Johnson will become just another nominal leader of a political elite that would rather change its leaders than change itself. How ironic, for the people who call themselves ‘progressive’

  13. @BoM4

    Looks like you may be correct on “runner”

    Joan Collins and Perez Hilton* put Piers Morgan on spot over Schofield **

    Joan Collins: “‘What was the reason he suddenly felt he needed to go public with this, when a lot of people already knew. I mean, we all knew”

    Perez Hilton*: There have been rumours of inappropriateness” instantly shut down by Piers so the conversation didn’t progress

    Peirs Morgan desperate to ignore “Everyone knew” & “inappropriate” and move it on

    The media seems to have learned nothing from past mistakes, nobody cares he’s gay; he’s in an Industry that is very open in that respect. However, trying to cover up dirty secrets never ends well and tarnishes everyone involved

    * What you didn’t see on Good Morning Britain – interesting comments

    ** The Sun — Censoring: has similar clip to ShqsB3zT2E0 ,but Perez cut; Collins speaks then Osbourne speaks

  14. Yes, isn’t conservative Boris Brexity stuff just exactly what the free marketeers were looking for!

    Car ban – check
    Untold billions to be wasted on HS2 – check
    Tax raids on the wealthy and high incomes – check
    Massive government spending plans – check
    And today, Gove confirming there will be import checks on everything coming from the EU. So much for the unilateral free trade much vaunted in these parts as the reason for doing brexit in the first place!!!

  15. Oh, and I forgot, the bridge to Northern Ireland. That no one would need even if we weren’t banning cars!

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