Sounds like a great political plan to me

The Labour Party is planning to expel any members who think that someone born with a male organ is necessarily a man, as science might suggest. This excellent proposal from the transgender rights lobby has been widely supported in the party.

I expect soon another Labour initiative to ensure that people who identify as wading birds — herons, snowy egrets and so on — are accepted as such, regardless of their inability to stand motionless in a bog for hours or spear small fish with their long and dangerous beaks.

These are the kind of measures that will ensure Labour voters come joyously flooding back, convinced that the party is once again sane and rational and has its priorities in order.

20 thoughts on “Sounds like a great political plan to me”

  1. That article led me on to another one, this time by Sumption. He writes “Judges are famously resistant to having their wings clipped. They have much public goodwill and …”

    I doubt if that goodwill is what it was. Just as the goodwill towards the police has (I’m confident) declined. And one of the reasons is not too different from the madness Liddle refers to.

  2. Labour voters come joyously flooding back

    Should have been ‘flocking’ rather than ‘flooding’.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Sumption’s Reith Lectures were very good and he despises Tony Blair, so he has some good points.

  4. If this is true, they wouldn’t do it anyway because losing half their membership and 99% of their votes would destroy them. Even these lunatics can see that.

  5. I agree with Biggy. Lolbour and the Tories are engaged in some kind of retarded auction to piss off the public.

    “SOLD! To the – man? – in the blue dress?”

    Plod: “Right, you’re nicked!”

  6. The days when people got into power just to sell out the voters has past. Now they want power to sell you out, brainwash you, mutilate your children and replace your grandkids.


  7. Sophy Ridge: Keir Starmer – Labour’s Brexit policy was the right one

    Watch his hands – Blair walt

    Sophy Ridge: Ambushes Grant Shapps with “Tories fault Caroline Flack suicided”
    Transport Secretary Grant Shapps talks to Sophy Ridge about the possibility of the spring budget being delayed

    Wonder why she didn’t ask former head of CPS Keir Starmer about Caroline Flack and his policy of: In domestic violence situations the CPS has a duty to prosecute

    Caroline Flack violently beat her fiancée while he was asleep in bed with a bed side lamp… she wasn’t vulnerable, maybe psychotic.. definitely not vulnerable

    On Javid, spads etc: First he said that he expects advisors to tow the line. Then he said that his are not there as ‘yes minister’ parrots but represent a type of peer check on power. Bit of a contradiction really

  8. Shapps defending HS2 on Marr

    Marr quotes Cummings
    “Cummings absolutely right”

    Shapps very weak in defending HS2, wonder why he didn’t regurgitate Johnson’s “Like Channel Tunnel” tagline. Have they realised it was Privately funded as was HS1?

    Tory MP Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, told the PA news agency: “Britain needs to think hard about how we partner with countries that don’t share our respect for human rights or the rule of law.

    “The price of the project may be lower but the cost to our sovereignty could be higher than we ever imagined.

    “There’s no point in taking back control from Brussels only to hand it over to Beijing.”

    It’s a train set you fool, if China will provide MP’s toys the rest don’t want or need for less money that’s great.

    Mr Tugendhat, seems you appear on QT, but don’t watch.

    Watch this FiFi: How many support HS2? The number of hands that go up says it all. Northerners don’t want HS2

  9. Sounds like a great political plan to me – Hooray if done

    No 10 tells BBC licence fee will be scrapped

    Downing Street turned on the BBC last night — vowing to scrap the television licence fee and make viewers pay a subscription. The national broadcaster could also be compelled to downsize and sell off most of its radio stations.

    In a plan that would change the face of British broadcasting, senior aides to the prime minister insisted that they are “not bluffing” about changing the BBC’s funding model and “pruning” its reach into people’s homes.

    The blueprint being drawn up in government will:

    ● Scrap the licence fee and replace it with a subscription model

    ● Force the BBC to sell off the vast majority of its 61 radio stations but safeguard Radio 3 and Radio 4

    ● Reduce the number of the corporation’s national….Paywall
    from memory
    … TV Channels
    Beef up World Service, Scale back website, Subscription channels


  10. ‘The Labour Party is planning to expel any members who think that someone born with a male organ is necessarily a man, as science might suggest.’

    Science deniers.

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