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Sure is sexist – and what’s it you Pal?

A steak restaurant in Liverpool has launched a ‘ladies fillet’ because they say that their female diners struggle to eat the larger cuts.

The steak “is for the ladies” boasts the menu of the Manhattan Bar & Grill on Fenwick Street, which offers a cheaper, smaller, fillet for women.

The restaurant said that they had introduced the 8oz steaks after they received “countless queries” from female visitors and hen parties asking if they had anything smaller than their classic 10oz fat free version.

But some people have criticised the restaurant and said that the gendered menu is sexist.

Managing Director of Manhattan Bar & Grill, Karl Hassan, said the restaurant was simply responding to demand.

Consenting adults indulging in voluntary exchange have every right to be as sexist – or not so – as they wish. What’s it to you what they do, Pal?

23 thoughts on “Sure is sexist – and what’s it you Pal?”

  1. It’s an example of wrongthink.

    Can’t have people doing what they want in this land of liberty and freedom. They might do the wrong thing so must be controlled and told what to do. So they can be free, correctly.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I used to eat the ladies steak when I was working in Dallas, the normal steak was way too big, not least because as the size of steak went up so did the size of the portion of french fries.

    Where’s the harm, it’s only a problem if they don’t let men order it.

  3. I can enthusiastically recommend the Guinea Grill.

    What do they serve there? Long pork, or just pigs?

  4. Anyway, why on earth order steak in a restaurant? You can cook that at home no bother. Order something that you wouldn’t cook at home.

  5. Gamecock – a beta Male would order the soy burger.

    Although it presents a question – which came first – the beta or the soy..

  6. Hold on…… So the author wants to force ladies to effectively pay more for a smaller portion? Or force them into a “Faux Pas” by leaving a chunk of meat on their plate?

  7. Bit like the fuss over making razors pink and selling them to women at a premium, nobody is making you buy them and the fact that people do buy them means they are happy to pay the premium.
    Also see complaining that something is designed for men and women aren’t taken into consideration then when you design a woman’s version it’s sexist

  8. @dearieme

    Order something that you wouldn’t cook at home



    +1 and then she’d be moaning about food waste. This puritan loons are anti everything, bowl of gruel a day for everyone

  9. @ dearieme
    “Anyway, why on earth order steak in a restaurant? You can cook that at home no bother. Order something that you wouldn’t cook at home.”
    That assumes that there is something else edible on the menu: not always the case. I prefer the steak I cook at home to most restaurant steaks but sometimes there is nothing else that I would eat if it was free. Last month I joined in a “lunch after the monthly meeting” (which they sensibly hold in January instead of December) and the most popular choice was sausages and mash.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Years ago there was a bar here that did superb imported Argentinian steaks. I used to order the child’s portion which was still a hefty chunk of meat (something of the order of 350g). The bigger cuts like the bife de chorizo were the size of a Robert Ludlum paperback.

    You’re hard pressed to replicate a restaurant steak at home unless you have a charcoal grill or a sous vide + gas salamander setup. It’s just really hard to get adequate temperatures. You need red heat, and that’s tricky to do without damaging your oven.

  11. If the greens have their way you will be in future restricted to a single 63 watt induction plate anyway. To stop climate change. Smart meter-connected so you can’t use it when everyone else is. Not just a daily bowl of gruel for everyone, but a cold one.

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