The EU’s buggered then

The Conservatives are under pressure to discipline the MP Daniel Kawczynski for speaking at a conference alongside some of Europe’s most notorious far-right politicians.

The Tory co-chair of the all-party group on antisemitism, Andrew Percy, and the Board of Deputies of British Jews have asked the party to investigate his appearance on Tuesday at the conference in Rome.

Other speakers included Hungary’s far-right prime minister, Viktor Orbán, Italian leaders closely associated with Benito Mussolini’s fascism, and a member of the Le Pen family.

Orban attends EU summits. Salvini has varied MEPs – another Italian party elected Il Duce’s granddaughter. Le Pen has a number of MEPs.

If you’re not allowed to speak at events where such gather then that’s all European summits and the entire workings of the European Parliament screwed.

Well, OK, if you insist, I guess.

19 thoughts on “The EU’s buggered then”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t particularly like Orban but I respect his honesty when he claimed his party wasn’t Liberal they’re Christian Democrats and the more you look at his polities the harder it is difficult to disagree.

    To call them far right just shows how lazy the left has become.

  2. One leading (and elected) Jew, Benjamin Netanyahu, considers Orban and Salvini to be friends of Israel.

    You might guess the (unelected I suspect) British Board of Missing the Fucking Point would get this wrong. They’ll still be warning about the evils of “the far right” while the Islamists are kicking their doors in.

  3. Jews were substantially overrepresented among the Fascists – it was only when Benito fell in love with Hitler that there was any anti-semitism in their party.

  4. As somebody on Instapundit remarked, in Europe “far right” simply means he does give a fvck about the nation entrusted into his care.

  5. ‘The Conservatives are under pressure’

    Not really. Guardian says, “Blah, blah, blah,” isn’t pressure.

    But some scaredy-cat Conservatives will react. Throw their own people under the bus.

  6. MC: +1

    ‘far right’: someone who, by historic standards, may have liberal views on free speech, women’s rights, homosexuality, death penalty, divorce, contraception, abortion, welfare; support Israel – but if they have reservations about mass, unselective immigration, or illegal immigration, they’re beyond the pale. See Pim Fortuyn.

  7. BiND,

    Exactly. I’m more classic liberal than Orban, but this “far right” stuff is just ridiculous. The fun thing would be if we got the BNP resurging what people would class them as. After smearing everyone to the right of Corbyn as “fascist” and “far right”, what do you call those people?

  8. The BNP weren’t far right either. Take the overt discrimination out of their manifesto and it could have been Michael Foot’s.

  9. Kawczynski wrote about this in the Speccie a couple of days ago.

    This is just posturing by the ungreat and ungood and sadly not going to cause the EU institutions to crumble, chiz, chiz.

  10. Just more flexing by the small hats.

    Kawczynski is a neocon *at best* and no ‘far right’ politician anywhere gets *any* publicity unless they’ve also been to kiss the kosher Roman wall (cf. Salvini, Orban etc.). In other news, more stringent legislation will be coming via the Torah Party to prevent any form of noticing about the disproportionate involvement of juice in tikkuning the old olam in every single sphere.

  11. Since when are Britain’s Jewish population, just under 0.5%, the arbiters of what is, and what is not, acceptable? Perhaps they too hold dangerous, undemocratic ideas?

  12. I expect you could compare Orban and any social democrat leader from the 60s/70s (e.g. Wilson, Callaghan) and there would be more overlap than difference.

    Orban is “far-right” because extremists have grabbed the Megaphone and rant through it at full volume 24 hours a day.

  13. Never mind fucking conferences.

    Blojo’s shite about banning cars is boiling my piss.

    Also interesting about new laws “wanted” to punish Extinction Rebellion type street aggro. Really–ER aggro? Or have the scum of ER kick off and then draft laws against the real target. Ord folk not willing to give up their cars. Laws which will stop ord folk acting to Yellow Jacket Blojo and the gang. He is still BluLabour trash and tho’ Brexit turned him from an also-run to PM he is signalling his globo-elite mates that their Agenda 21 plans are still on target and he won’t be rocking the boat too much.

    The war goes on.

  14. To call them far right just shows how lazy the left has become.

    ‘Far right’ is just a flag for the simple-minded who read the Graun = this is someone you’re meant to hate (even though 90% of their policies are indistinguishable from people you’re meant to approve of).

  15. @Gamecock

    But some scaredy-cat Conservatives will react. Throw their own people under the bus

    As with Roger Scruton – who died under the bus

    @Mr Ecks

    +1 not forgetting Johnson is far-right and made Con party far-right, in Guardian world

  16. The liberal PM of Thuringia has resigned because AfD voted for him.
    It’s not that he voted for anything they wanted – just that they voted for him to keep the communists out.

  17. The Truth Behind Boris Winning anti-EU Northern Labour Votes
    Includes Andrew Neil and the EU “No strikes in France” bint

    He missed C4 News gave airtime to RoI Remoaners again. This time fishing: RoI needs access to UK fish

    Why? Never asked – RoI has vast swathe of Atlantic and ~1/2 Irish Sea. Do fish refuse to swim in RoI waters?

    FO C4 and RoI. I don’t care if RoI & EU suffer, RoI are EU lickspittles who’ll soon be sacrificed by EU

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