The short short Mike

The book also includes Mr Bloomberg’s take on the UK. “The Royal Family — what a bunch of misfits — a gay, an architect, that horsey faced lesbian and a kid who gave up Koo Stark for some fat broad.”

Opinions on the truth of that are divided….

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  1. But Mike surely they are a key part of the world-wide conspiracy that includes the Pope and the Chews …

    You’re shitting on your own doorstep there, my lad.

  2. Wtf, I love Mike Bloomberg now?

    It’s a real shame he’s pussying out of all the realtalk he did and publicly grovelling to trannies and whatnot. Guy’s richer than King Tut, but he’s not free to tell the God’s honest truth.

  3. I would have thought that if the rumours about Princess Anne are true, they point to her being anything other than a lesbian. And who on earth is the architect?

    Where do these Americans get their gossip from?

  4. Sam – I presume he means Prince Charles’ Vitruvian musings. (Tbf, Charlie is right about modern architecture, which is just deliberate aesthetic warfare against Truth and Beauty)

  5. By the “gay” he presumably means Edward.

    But, Mike, his wife is prettier than yours, and prettier than your current squeeze.

  6. Scott Adams addressed this a couple of days ago. The quotes in the booklet are alleged to be spoken but most, including the Royals effort, are clearly written form. Could be after dinner speech stylie, I suppose, but they’re definitely not how even witty people speak. Even with Groucho, you can tell the difference between him just sparking off people vs throwing in a known line.

  7. Bloomberg’s descripion is amusing, but it’s bollocks

    iirc Koo Stark wasn’t dumped, she didn’t want a Royal life and responsibilies. Same applied to all the girls Harry dated, until that lyinng septic slapper came along

    @Sam Vara

    If you think UK red tops are bad, they’re high brow compared to USA tabloids which are worse than Sunday Sport


    +1 Poundbury is nice

  8. Steve,

    “Tbf, Charlie is right about modern architecture, which is just deliberate aesthetic warfare against Truth and Beauty”

    But personally speaking, I can’t stand his alternative, either. Poundbury is like the uncanny valley of architecture. It’s supposed to look like a 200 year old town, but it ain’t right. A neo-classical fire station is like the Lolo Ferrari of architecture.

    It’s modern, attractive buildings we need more of. It’s about putting a bit of care in and avoiding political correctness and fads and sticking function first, then form and finish. Like that Birmingham Library is just modern starchitect wank, but the Symphony Hall in Birmingham is attractive and one of the best concert halls in the country.

  9. The problem with Poundbury (and all the developments that are but a pale imitation) is that the buildings are, beneath the skin, just the same jerry-built rubbish that speculative house-builders put up everywhere.

  10. Bloomberg needs the arrogance beating out of him.

    Trump should hit the cunt with RICO to freeze all his assets–that’ll take some of the wind out of Bloomberg’s sails.

  11. @dgc

    Your point is? No difference from C18 speculative (Edinburgh New Town), however, unlike 1950s-1990s they Look Nice and buyers prefer to brutalist boxes

    Scotland now going back to 1960s as SNP impose “Look Nice restrictions” on new builds

    @Mr Ecks

    Michael Bloomberg’s strategy for his first debate is to be short, and to-the-point

    Revealing: exposes Bloomberg’s Soros like paying to have his agenda infiltrated into Gov, Law and MSM – strange Fox not reported this

    Syed Kamall compared National Socialism to Socialism in the European Parliament plenary on the 24th of October 2018. A heated debate ensued.

    Mr Verhofstat et al: Facts don’t care about your feelings
    The Nazi’s were left wing Socialists. So were/are the Soviets, Communists, Fascists, Chinese – All totalitarian Left

    NO apology needed, he shouldn’t have

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