The Sun knew about French soap dodgers

Decades back The Sun found out that France uses less soap per person of population than other places in Europe. Thus the jokes about soap dodgers.

The response was that they used shower gel, liquid soap, more than hard soap and that was the explanation.

Oh yeah?

A third of French people don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet and less than half before eating, while a fifth of Frenchmen change their underwear twice a week at best.

These are some of the unsavoury findings of a new study into personal hygiene in France, which researchers and Gallic doctors say leaves a lot to be desired. The findings stand to reinforce stereotypes that the French take a laissez-faire approach to cleanliness.

The survey by pollster Ifop found the French continued to display “ignorance of basic sanitary rules, despite public health messages and the current [coronavirus] context.”

No wonder the poor parts of London are to the east. Imagine the stench when the wind blows from the Continent……

7 thoughts on “The Sun knew about French soap dodgers”

  1. The saying about motes and beams comes to mind. There are many areas of Britain where personal hygiene leaves much to be desired. A swift survey of pub and restaurant toilets in both countries might disabuse you of your feeling of superiority, Tim

  2. I think women with hairy armpits are quite prevalent in the UK these days, working for the Independent and Guardian

  3. I frequently see people Arvizo my place of work come out of toilet cubicles and walk straight past the wash basin and out the door. This is a City company containing, presumably, professional people.

    Filthy fucking bastards.

  4. Sometimes in a pub toilet if the door is kept open so I don’t have to touch it and the place looks a bit dirty I might well not wash my hands (nbr 1 only, nbr 2 does not ever never apply that I would do in a public toilet, my bowels are funny that way). But always If I have to touch the door handle I try to do it using tissue, wrist, pinly or let someone open it before me, or if all that fails I try to pick a spot that I think no-one would touch.

    I always carry a hip flask full of bleach and use it as a sanitiser.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I once followed someone out of a toilet who’d walked out of a trap and then went straight to the bar and grabbed a handful of peanuts from a jar on the bar.

    That brought an abrupt end to my free peanut munching days.

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