There seems an obvious answer here

Rodger and Minassian brought mainstream attention to incel culture; most people who follow the news have heard of incels. Far fewer people know that a woman coined the term. Even fewer realise there are thousands of women who identify as incels, or “femcels”. While male incel culture has been exhaustively analysed, femcels have largely been ignored. (There have been a handful of articles about the phenomenon, the latest of which appeared in Mel magazine.)

We could introduce the one set to the other. If only we could think of a way to do this.

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  1. When I read this kind of article I regret no government had the guts to airlift people like the author to Eastern Syria at the height of the ISIS caliphate to encounter ‘violent misogyny’ in the flesh.. I am somewhat gutted also that the Guardian has seemingly found a mysterious benefactor to help it out of its financial predicament so it can still publish this kind of crap.

  2. Why do we only care about incels when they are men?

    Because you can say what you like about men – especially white men – without consequence. Try that with women and you’ll unleash a shitstorm.

  3. While male incel culture has been exhaustively analysed, femcels have largely been ignored.

    This is simply not true. Newspapers are full of articles by women bemoaning the lack of ‘decent’ men out there, or that ‘women over X years old are invisible’ or complaining they’ve not had sex for a decade. These women, from Ulrika Jonsson to the plethora of stupid bitches clogging up the Telegraph comment pages, might not label themselves as ‘incels’ but that is what they are.

    Having said all that, the term incel is entirely flawed. Unless your old chap’s been mangled in an industrial accident, your celibacy is down to your own actions or inactions. Incels complain the pretty girls won’t fuck them and femcels say the same about rich men. The answer is simple: lower your expectations and you’ll get laid*. Sadly, these people would rather wank themselves suicidal than admit what their sexual market value really is.

    *or get your arse out of bed, get a job and hire a hooker.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Incels are involuntary celibate (notwithstanding MC’s comments about working and paying for a hooker).

    Femcels are feminists and celibate. In this case the former inextricably leads to the latter so the fix is easier and less expensive.

  5. “… these people would rather wank themselves suicidal than admit what their sexual market value really is.

    The ghost of CH rises……

    Also Lol

  6. I don’t buy it. The biggest complaint from women on their own that I know is men hitting on them in bars, restaurants or at technical conferences. And these aren’t exactly Marion Cotillard and Liz Hurley stand-ins.

    One big difference is that men are expected to do the work and take the rejection.

    I echo what MC says. When women say “I can’t get a man”, they don’t mean a penis. They mean a penis attached to a good salary and some good looks.

  7. All of the foregoing, but also this: if you start talking about women being involuntarily celibate, the sob sisters will immediately start whingeing about why it is that women are only ever validated (or some such) when they’ve got a man.

    As always, they try to get you coming and going.

  8. I do miss CH.

    (Steve) Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism: The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

  9. “Why do we only care about incels when they are men?”

    I’ve seen eff all evidence of male incels being cared about. Being treated with scorn and derision, yes.

    I’ve seen plenty of evidence of women who are female incels, but not described as such, being listened to sympathetically with all the blame for their status being placed on evil or inadequate men.

    This despite the fact that women generally control access to sex. Almost any woman only has to make it clear that she is open to sex and she will get it. Maybe not from the men she fondly imagines she deserves, but that’s another matter. Whether she will get the relationship she wants is also another matter. She will get sex.

    A man can broadcast his availability all day every day but unless he has the required level of attractiveness or the extreme wealth/status to offset unattractiveness, he will not get sex.

    Is this at all in doubt?

  10. On the subject of CH, has the blogger himself emerged elsewhere, or is he licking his wounds in private?

    He often wrote brilliantly. There was a mock-up conversation he did with an Alexa machine which was simply extraordinary.

    H/T to Mr Newman for alerting me to it.

  11. Far be it from me to indulge in pendantry, but they are not ‘Incels’, they are ‘Inchas’: involuntarily chaste.

    Celibate means not married. Chaste means not having sex.

    I’ll get my coat……

  12. M’Lud.

    CH appears to have vanished altogether – even to those of us who delve into the dark depths of the interweb. Whether he will return to us one day, in his final form, nobody seems to know.

  13. Incels are men that swallowed the feminist kool aid. If they didn’t then they’re MGTOWs. So only themselves to blame.

    Femcels on the other hand are ungrateful bitches who have repaid the unprecedented indulgence Western Civ has shown them by not getting married and producing replacement citizens.

    Islam is RIGHT about women.

  14. CH is on gab using the moniker Heartiste.

    But it’s nothing like his former blog which I also greatly enjoyed…

  15. @Van_Patten

    Guardian’s mysterious benefactor’s are BBC and Civil Servants buying at taxpayers’ expense

    Piers Morgan Loses His Cool During Chivalry Debate

    Eleanor Mills would be first to complain in Guardian if she was treated as Equal
    “You can’t say that to me or expect me to do that, I’m a woman”

    Nice that the attractive younger woman does like gentlemanly manners

    btw Who is CH?

  16. MC regarding incels setting their standards unrealistically high, I recently heard a comedian say if you want to bat above your average in the sexual market go 3rd world or go tranny.

  17. 80 percent of women are chasing the top 20 percent of men.

    Incels aren’t desired and if you’re a ‘femcel’ you are, literally, unfuckable.

  18. CH – Chateau Heartiste an American blog removed from the WordPress platform last year because of its right wing & anti feminist views. Also I think because of the quite vicious anti semitic and racist views of some of its regular commentators – many of whom were clearly knuckle draggers from ‘Deliverance’ country. CH himself was an intelligent insightful commentator – I too miss dipping into his postings.

  19. Don’t shout I’m not deaf
    I’m sure you’re the exception gamecock – you must be if you come here

    Great film though

  20. Dickey was a professor at U. South Carolina when I was there. I never had a class with him. I don’t think I ever met him, even after trying hard to create such a memory.

    I did know Tom Wolfe. He and I were members of the same club in Richmond, VA, in the mid-70s. Someone told me he was famous, but I didn’t know why til many years later. Just another guy at the club. Who dressed kinda funny.

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