There’s a possible answer here

Her situation has highlighted the stresses faced by many farmers, often working alone in extremely isolated locations. For years mental health in the farming sector has been an important topic – but now it is in the spotlight.

Stop farming the isolated areas. The high moors and all that. Do the Monbiot thing and rewild. After all, those areas only survive on subsidy. That is, they produce, on net, no value. So why bother anyway?

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  1. “But it was big brands’ demands for ever more – and cheaper – produce that were to blame for this unsustainable system of industrial food production, not farmers, said Greenpeace, which called for livestock farmers to be supported to transition away from this type of farming, “not victimised”.”

    I love this” big brands” shit Greenpeace comes out with. That saving gets passed on to consumers: good good good!!!!

  2. Tim, you seem to be living a mental world in which the Brexit campaign did not promise to replicate the same handouts previously enjoyed by the feather bedded farming sector. It did , and more . Furthermore, just about every Constituency chairman in the country is some hatchet faced farming harridan whose life is devoted to threatening her MP.
    That’s what you get with our rotten borough system …you know that precious “democracy”
    The devil will; skate to work before the rest of us get to stop subsidising Penelope`s pony and skiing holidays and they will continue to be protected not only from the world but now form the awful EU whose cheap high quality produce has been so welcome.

    Back to rip off Britain the sick man of Europe. I am looking forward to shit bacon that smell of fish ,inedible beef …what else can we bring back , The Black and White Minstrel Show , British Leyland Butskellite muddle, debt out of control ,slipping backwards compared to our neighbours as we did until ( guess what) we joined the vast market on our doorstep

    Honestly I try to just lie back and think of France

  3. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Is there a dribble blocker I can install to spare me the inane ramblings of Newmania? Asking for a friend…

  4. @Newbonkers..

    Honestly I try to just lie back and think of France

    So why don’t you fuck off there, you drivelling twat.

    Your “side” lost, it’s over, it’s done, accept it and try to move on. Either that or just fuck off a long, long way. And when you get there, fuck off a bit more (just to be sure).

  5. @Allthegoodnames

    Newmania is a troll in the classic internet sense. He posts provocative comments and enjoys the performance that they elicit from the commentariat. Don’t acknowledge, Don’t reply, Don’t read it if possible.

    Do not feed the troll.

  6. Monbiot wants subsidies for re-wilding.
    Rather like Newmania he sucks large land owner cock in barns of an evening. I know this because he supports a centralised to Brussels system of handouts based on land area, and a centralised system of protections from competition. Just EU membership’s biggest insistences.

    So Tim, please back off from endorsing Monbiot. Just remove the subsidies. If there’s value add in putting stately homes, castles, atomic power stations, or wolf parks up there, let the market do this.

  7. Poor old Violet Elizabeth Newmoania, won’t ever get over the untermensch voting for something he doesn’t like.

  8. Is there a dribble blocker I can install to spare me the inane ramblings of Newmania? Asking for a friend…

    I wrote one myself, posted a link here ages ago. Can do so again if anyone wants it.

  9. The best option for smaller farmers is to diversify – although they need local authority support for things like planning permission to convert a barn to holiday accommodation for example. There is still a market for high quality produce and plenty of people who don’t want sodden Danish bacon or £2 chickens from God knows where.
    Where the state can support farming (and other businesses) is by creating a better regulatory environment. I don’t know, but I’d suspect the bulk of farm subsidies go to those who are already comfortable.

    All those pricks in the Graun talking about the need to reduce meat consumption can fuck themselves with the vegetable of their choosing.

  10. I wrote one myself, posted a link here ages ago. Can do so again if anyone wants it.


    The Spectator comments section used to be blighted by what I understand was a single (and clearly batshit) troll commenting with a dozen different handles. Disqus might be shit, but the ability to hide responses from loonies and bores is useful.

  11. We have just booked a 2 bedroom farm cottage for relatives visiting from the USA this summer, less than the cost of one modest hotel room. The views over the South Downs are worth the price alone. Well done to these, and many other farmers, for moving with the times.

  12. A couple of years ago we stayed on a farm in the Welsh mountains. Apparently, trying to survive on rearing sheep and the subsidies is very hard. No holidays, and forty quid a week. They all pray for a big wind turbine so they get rent.

    Our hosts were incomers. As well as our accommodation, they had done a bit of rewilding. They also grew lots of veg using domestic compost to enrich the soil. They said most market garden stuff grew well, and if you paid attention to wind direction you could make a go of running a smallholding. Coupled with the holiday lettings, they were doing better than their sheep-and-subsidy neighbours.

  13. In the Bronze Age some of those moors were farmed as arable. If we go back to a hot, dry spell they can be farmed again.

    Until then they can be used for sport.

  14. So sell the farm, Ffion (if that’s your real name).

    Just cause Daddy was a farmer doesn’t mean you have to be.

    You could live with people attacking your daddy’s business, but now that you are him, it upsets you. Did you sorta agree with them, and now you are one?

  15. Just thinking of the shit state that France (and Germany and Italy and Ireland etc etc etc) cheers me up no end every single bloody day

  16. 1) Think very carefully about adding browser extensions from some random bloke on the internet. Study the code before installing it, or get someone to explain it to you.

    2) Create a directory somewhere, put this in a file called manifest.json:

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    BTW, it’s named in honour of Arnald

  17. At the foot of the article: “This article was amended on 28 February 2020 to remove an outdated term.”

    What term is so mild that it earns no greater opprobrium than “outdated” yet must anyway be censored?

  18. “shit bacon that smell of fish”

    Presumably that’s the stuff we bring in from Denmark? Newmy excels himself here. Dialling up the batshit crazy to 14

  19. @Bongo, MC

    Spot on

    End the subsidies. If someone wants to grow sheep on hills, fine by me as long as Gov’t doesn’t poke their nose in. I imagine a farmer could do a once per year harvest and ignore rest of year


    I’d add “Turn updates Off”

    I used a user extension once, chap sold it and updates hijacked DNS

  20. I’d add “Turn updates Off”

    There are no updates. It’s an unpacked Chrome extension downloaded as a file, not one from the extension store that updates itself.

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