This is a fun claim

Hanau attack part of pattern of white supremacist violence flowing from US

Racism. In Germany. Caused by Americans.

No domestic causes nor history of it at all.

This is also good:

While no early evidence emerged linking the alleged Hanau attacker to established extremist groups or individuals, analysts said that both the online manifesto and the nine people the gunman chose to murder made it clear that his attack was part of a ongoing pattern of white supremacist terror.

The evidence all says this is a lone nutter. Therefore it’s part of an ongoing campaign.


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  1. Haven’t you noticed yet?

    When it’s an arsehole of peace, we mustn’t jump to conclusions, it takes days to establish it was an arsehole of peace, names are withheld, we must beware of a backlash against the community of peace, and the motive is often undefined mental health ishoos.

    When it’s an arsehole of non peace, we know within minutes the perp’s name, photos, the president flies out to condemn the right wing terror (It’s not even “far right” any more) committed by a guy who was blatantly completely round the twist.


  2. Reading the free ‘Metro’ this morning, one of the AoP* spokesthings was whinging at the ‘rising tide of Islamaphobia’ and mentioned the Welsh guy who killed a Muslim in a van attack (yes) plus this (no) and two armed fugitives who ran through a mosque to escape police (whut?).

    It’s not much of a tide at all, is it?

    *Cheers, BiG!

  3. Compare and contrast the outpouring of outrage and condemnation of this attack with that for the murder by ROPers of 24 Protestant churchgoers in Burkina Faso all of 5 days ago.

  4. Before Trump showed up, it was a happy place. They had flowering meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced and laughed and played with gumdrop smiles.

  5. I have no sympathy for those nazi nutters in Germany with swastikas tattooed on their necks, perhaps I am a bit naive but I still think they are a bit of a joke. I just can’t take them seriously. I find the far left nutters like Corbyn et al as a far greater and more devious threat.

  6. It’s the Eternal White Racist. He’s out there, constantly inhabiting one person or group after another. He can never be eliminated. We can only pass repressive legislation to curtail his activities. Constant vigilance is called for.

  7. Jussi – I still think they are a bit of a joke.

    Anybody who shoots up a bunch of random Turks (or whatever) is a fuckwit. Stuff like this is entirely self-defeating to whatever the murderer’s autistic manifesto (they all have manifestos, it’s like goth girls with their poetry journals) said he was doing it for – just gives TPTB another reason to turn the ratchet further on peaceful right wing speech and political organisation.

    Steve is an Esteban of Peace, but it’s in my nature to think of ways to do things better.

    So imagine if he had suddenly limited the careers of some German politicians (in Meincraft), or some journos who didn’t take the hint that it’s time to learn to code (in Python), or someone else who is actually part of the ruling establishment and its court scribes and eunuchs (in Grand Theft Auto: The Chinatown Wars).

    Might actually have served his stated aims, instead of his real ones. His real aim, as a swastika panty LARPer and therefore a self-selected social outcast, was to prove that he’s not a complete loser with no reason to live.

  8. I’m sure many Islamic inspired terrorists are equally out of their trees (mainly on skunk), but not many of them return home after their attack and shoot their mother and then themselves. Like the ‘far-right’ murderer of Jo Cox, I won’t be surprised if we learn that he’d been crying out for someone to stop him.

  9. ‘Germany will use ‘all its might’ to stand up to those who divide country’

    You vill be a socialist. No other view tolerated.

    ‘latest in a series of global attacks motivated by white nationalist ideology, experts said.’

    One. A series. Daily RoPer attacks: isolated incidents.

    ‘This is an attack on our free and peaceful society’

    You are free to be a Leftist.

    ‘The Hanau attack is evidence that “conspiracy theories that are circulated by Americans in the United States, and through message boards that are predominantly American, do have an impact in other places’

    Because you want them to be.

    The state at work, exploiting a tragedy to maximum effect.

    In case you missed it, government is GLAD this happened. An opportunity. The Left is always cocked, ready to use an event to maximum effect.

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel

  10. “… described a conspiracy about the abuse and torture of children in secret locations in America.

    Anyone remember Jeffrey Epstein, or the allegations made by both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman?

    The author of the online postings associated with the attack “talked about the achievements of the German people versus nonwhite immigrants,” and “crimes committed by nonwhite immigrants,”

    Again, no lies detected….

    Some attackers have described migrants and immigrants as “invaders,” as well as elaborating on the belief that a range of enemies, from Jewish people to feminists to leftists, are conspiring against the white race.


    IsraAID sends team to help refugees in Europe

    In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat

    Richard Stone: British Jews and Muslims are natural allies

    Muslims and Jews face a common threat from white supremacists. We must fight it together

    A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE REFUGEE MOVEMENTS AND THE FEMINIST MOVEMENTS,ngari–bridge-refugee-feminist-movements.html

    Perhaps he believed the evidence of his lying eyes over the official narrative….

  11. Dennis, A WASP If Ever There Was One

    Going to the range today to practice with my Beretta PX-4. ‘Cause chlorinated chickens don’t just shoot themselves, you know.

    Does that qualify as white supremacist terroristic-type behavior?

    Hope so.

  12. Commie gun.

    I’d go to the range today to shoot my Ruger Redhawk and S&W PC 1911, but too cold. Had a dusting of snow yesterday. Naturally, it’s all melted away this morning.

    I see they have “Gun Free Zones” in Germany, too. For the people’s protection.

  13. Talking of guns, there’s a series on Netflix called ‘The Stranger’, from Harlan Coben book, but transplanted to Manchester(!) rather than Ohio. The very odd and jarring thing is the rogue (white) cop has a silenced automatic. This is more or less unheard of in the UK, even in home-grown drama. Our local ferals that have guns have Mac-10s or converted weapons of one sort or another. The more noise the better. The fuzz have MP5s & Glocks.

  14. A Dennis and Gamecock gun off. Taking orders for popcorn.

    …but too cold.

    Dammit, boy, you need to be able to shoot that gun with numb, shakey hands. Didn’t found the nation roasting marshmallows ’round the fire.

    [spits – but spazz it down my arm]

  15. Gamecock: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” – agreed

    Did you notice how a week or so back, the Merkeltroid was embarrased by the goings on in Thuringia?
    And conveniently, along comes an “extreme right wing” outrage.

    It happens so often, remarkable coincidences.

    Trump has been doing well, and the DNC seems to be self destructing. Therefore, anyone taking bets on the next mass shooter event?

    Coincidence of course. Just a human evolutionary thing, to see patterns when none exist. Hold on, I need to make a tinfoil hat. 🙂

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    Dennis, The Peak of Mental Health

    Is there nothing we ‘Mericans can’t do?

    Find a sane and plausible Democrat to run for President?

  17. I find it disgusting how much media is pushing far-right in this, when it’s a RoP zero attention given to his allegiances and news is all avoidance of Murderer RoP and interviews with witnesses, victims etc

    Shame the nutter targetted the wrong bars, he killed Kurds when I imagine he meant Turks

    White supremacist? No, a Hitlerite National Sociailist

  18. @Gamecock February 21, 2020 at 12:46 pm


    Re: The Left is always cocked, ready to use an event to maximum effect.

    Excellent performance by David Davies (Con) Monmouth MP on C4 News

    Shot Cathy Newman down about “floods in Wales all Tories fault, where’s Boris” – devolved matter and CEO of Monmouthshire said “no politicians or visitors wanted”

    Newman knows she’s losing and resorts to spitting out anything, David Davies kept cool and rebutted her. Reminiscent of Newman’s “what you’re saying” monumental fail

  19. Dennis, Gun Grabber

    Took the Beretta PX-4 and the Ruger Single Ten and the Ruger LCR today. You never take just one gun to the range!

  20. Dennis, Who's Got Him A Shootin' Iron

    A Dennis and Gamecock gun off. Taking orders for popcorn.

    You want a gun off?

    .45 cal.
    SIG Sauer P220
    SIG Sauer P226
    Browning Hi-Power
    Ruger 1911 Target
    Beretta PX-4 Storm
    Beretta PX-4 Storm Compact
    CZ 75B SA
    Beretta 3032 Tomcat
    Beretta 21 Bobcat
    Seecamp LWS-25
    Browning Buckmark
    Ruger Mark IV Target
    Ruger LCP II

    Ruger Redhawk (44 magnum)
    Ruger GP100 (357 magnum)
    Ruger SP-101 (357 magnum)
    Ruger LC (22 magnum)
    Ruger Single Ten (22lr)
    Urberti Birds Head (22lr)

    Ruger 10/22 (22lr)
    Savage Bolt Action (22lr)
    Henry AR-7 (22lr)

    Next Purchase: An AR-15 in .556 NATO, full semi-auto, with silencer and optional chainsaw bayonet attachment.

  21. Good to see some good ‘Merican guns in there.

    You need some shotguns.

    You need to get some big bore rifles.

    It is against my religion to discuss my firearms collection on a public forum.

  22. Dennis, Who Has Heard “Is That All There Is” More Than Once

    Enormous todger?

    There have been feminine gasps upon unveiling, but I’m pretty sure they were from disappointment.

  23. Pcar, great interview, David Davies seems quite good. But read the comments! Did anyone actually watch the interview?

  24. @Dennis

    I find your taste in revolvers disappointing.

    Go get a pile of S&W’s from the glory days when they actually made them well.

  25. Yes, why not one of the scandium S&Ws? So I’m told they’re not a very good gun but there is the glory of knowing that I used to supply their scandium….

  26. “Shame the nutter targetted the wrong bars, he killed Kurds when I imagine he meant Turks.”

    So he’s dyslexic as well.

  27. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    S&W: no customer service required.

    The S&Ws I’ve owned were reliable, but the above sounds like famous last words. I just like Ruger revolvers better; personal preference, no real justification for it on an empirical level.

  28. Dennis, Big Game Hunter-Gatherer

    Hickok45 is excellent. Did you see his take on the new Colt Python?

    Hickok45 is very good.

    My own experience with Colt has lead me to avoid them like the plague. Had a Single Action Army, a DA/SA revolver (can’t remember the model – a .357 magnum) and an Anaconda (44 magnum). Customer service was rude when it wasn’t nonexistent. I finally sent the .357 magnum to an old guy in Arizona because Colt couldn’t be bothered with it, and when I asked about the problems he’d found and fixed he told that while he loved Colts, their quality was highly variable. Some years good, many not. Mostly linking to ownership/financial instability and Colt’s obsession for landing military contracts. I said fuck it and sold them all.

    I expect the new Colt Python to end up in the same company as the new Remington P51. So far are all signs are pointing in that direction.

  29. Dennis, Former Blogger to the Gods

    Yes, why not one of the scandium S&Ws? So I’m told they’re not a very good gun but there is the glory of knowing that I used to supply their scandium….

    Gun manufacturers and self-defense obsessives seem to think that the lightest possible frame in any caliber is the preferred solution. In the real world, recoil takes its toll in a variety of ways. It makes the gun difficult to control (for some), unpleasant to shoot (for most), and makes practicing a chore rather than a pleasure. None of those are good things.

    I’ve never shot a scandium S&W because shooting .38 Special, .357 or .44 magnum out of lightweight gun doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I prefer heavy, steel frame pistols. If I want something small for carrying, I prefer a pocket pistol like the Beretta Bobcat/Tomcat or the Seecamp in the very unpopular calibers of 32acp or 25acp. The only lightweight revolver I have is the Ruger LCR in the unpopular caliber of 22 magnum. I have to because I hated the .38 Special model’s recoil.

  30. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    Why do you have that many guns?

    I very much enjoy going to the range and shooting bits of paper, and I have enough disposable income to allow me to own a variety of guns for that purpose.

    I don’t have a nightstand gun, and while to do carry I do not carry regularly (barely at all, actually).

    For me it is sport, not about self-defense. Or about the size of my penis (there aren’t enough guns in the world…).

    And, I collect. Got around 40 vintage watches in the house.

  31. Dennis, On The Front Lines Fightin' Them Chlorinated Chickens

    PJF –

    That was hilarious. He should have had the optional chainsaw bayonet attachment on that AR, though. Gonna have to watch that movie.

    I have mine on the wall of my office. For that professional look. Plus, chlorinated chickens can’t dig.

  32. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Impressive, but not the sort of shooting I enjoy. I avoid the Tacti-Cool types at all costs. They suck the fun out any room (or range).

    I’ve shot the H&K P30. Crappiest trigger this side of a Glock. But since John Wick has one…

    Oh well, just like Die Hard sold a lot of 92s for Beretta, John Wick will sell a lot of P30s for H&K.

  33. When I was a kid I always ended up with the cap gun with the shitty trigger. Drove me mental. Became a recurring dream for anxious times. No P30 for me then (academic).

    Don’t think I’d excel at the tactical discipline (too rapid) but I’ve always been a good shot with the limited number of projectile weapons that have come my way. Which is amazing for such a spaz.

  34. @Jussi

    Comments: typical Left shallowness of criticising without watching/reading like Owen Jones attacking Fraser Nelson this week and ongoing Boris & Burka


    For big things you need explosive bullets. – Like those exploding cannon balls depicted in movies /sarc

  35. Fuck, it’s like being 13 again in the playground, with scrawny pubescent boys discovering their inner macho “My dad’s car is XYZ”.

  36. BiG –

    What? Oh. Don’t let what was actually written in the thread get in the way of your personal prejudices.

    And by the way… Nice mindless stereotyping.

  37. Indeed, Dennis. I call it “magnumitis.”

    Regular .38 Specials are pleasant to shoot in my Airweight Smith. That it is +P rated is of no interest to me.

    I shoot mostly .38 Specials and .44 Specials in my .357s and .44 Mags.

    Oft repeated story of the man who bought a Model 29 after Dirty Harry, then sold it years later, with a partial box of ammo, only 6 shots fired.

  38. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    I shoot mostly .38 Specials and .44 Specials in my .357s and .44 Mags.

    Yep. Same here. Although the Ruger Redhawk in 44 magnum isn’t bad… Stout, but not punishing. I’ll fire two cylinders of it and then switch over to 44 Special. Same with 357 out of the GP100. I shot 357 out of the SP 101 once: Never again… It’s fine for 38, though.

    At the range I shoot at they have a S&W 500 you can rent. They sell the 50 cal. bullets for it one at a time. I once asked one of the range officer if anyone had ever bought a second round. He said he wasn’t aware that anyone had.

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