This is amusing

As I’ve been saying, they don’t seem to have understood quite how much it will cost to enjoy the Royal lifestyle. And that they’re unlikely to manage to earn that much:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has confirmed it will no longer foot the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s security bill when they cease to be working royals from next month.

The force said it had an “obligation” to protect the pair because they are recognised as Internationally Protected Persons, but confirmed the protection would end “in the coming weeks” due to their “change in status”.

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  1. What really is amusing, OT right off the bat, Israel is a couple of weeks away from developing the cure for the virus, oral vaccine (=spray?). If this happens they should manufacture it in the settlements with pali work force and see how the boycott (BDS) twats implode due to cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy.

  2. Ben S,

    “The gilded prison was a prison, but it was also gilded.”

    I never have much time for the “victim” thing of monarchy. Yeah, you’re in the public spotlight, but Harry’s banged much hotter women than the average ginger squaddie, doesn’t have to worry about saving money for a deposit for a house.

  3. I think the lesson here is: don’t fuck with our Queen. Even the Sex Pistols didn’t quite get away with it, Johnny was forced to eat a whole packet of Country Life butter.

  4. Not just Israel, Canadians (UBC) trailing something in China based on adapting a previous SARS vaccine that had was similar to current outbreak

  5. A U.S. company says they have a vaccine. Ready for testing. Can’t be used yet. Government rules.

    Testing/government approval will take about 18 months.

    Regulation kills.

  6. “How long are we all giving it until the inevitable divorce?”

    Everything unravels faster nowadays, my bet is on under 2 years.

  7. Canada to stop paying for Prince Harry and Meghan’s security
    After March 31, the Canadian government intends to no longer contribute to security costs for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as they plan to cease their activities as working members of the Royal Family

    This is the life they desperately wanted…a life away from the Royal ways. Only they should pay for their security

    Harry flies from Vancouver to Edinburgh on private charter jet (Westjet) for Sustainable Travel Conference
    His message: “Only the rich should be allowed to travel”

    Global warming is a ‘total fairytale’


    Snigger : )


    +1 or the Queen’s guards as tourists have discovered


    I hope it happens, tremendous fun

  8. “How long are we all giving it until the inevitable divorce?”

    Women – wives – reserve the right to reject the men in their lives at any time, for any reason. Heck, they don’t even need a reason. Western courts support that absolute right.

    I don’t wish the fine couple troubles, but, from where I sit, divorce would be the best thing for Harry.

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