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TfL insists that its land is already playing “a vital role in meeting the Mayor’s priorities to build affordable homes”, including with plans to build 1,800 homes on a 26 acre site at Earl’s Court, in west London.

Not much garden to those houses then. Or perhaps blocks of flats of course. Still that’s packing them in – 180 dwellings an acre?

7 thoughts on “This is impressive”

  1. Laid out flat that makes 629 sq ft per dwelling – positively luxurious by London standards. The average UK one-bedroom home is just 495 sq ft.

    In reality we’re looking at blocks of flats with up to 10 stories, so even taking into account roads between blocks, ground-floor retail, and communal gardens, those new flats will be generously proportioned. I can’t imagine there are any houses in the mix. Who would want to buy a house wedged in amongst all those high-rise flats?

  2. How long has the planning process already taken? A similar programme just across the river in Lambeth to redevelop the fire station and local area was given the go-ahead in 2016 and planning permission was given in December 2019! It’s not easy to get things done even in derelict parts of London

  3. In Hong Kong, the MTR deliberately develops land above stations as part of the rail development, the rail development making the land available, and the income from the development providing finance for the rail development, and the rail development boosting the housing development, all in a virtuous circle.

  4. In Manhattan a city block is 264×900 feet, roughly 5.5 acres.

    I live in one of those horrible 1960 white brick buildings, 17-stories with apartments lettered A through M on each floor. Each floor has a single two-bedroom apartment, 4 one bedroom apartments, the balance studios. Two bedrooms are approximately 1300 square feet, one bedrooms 800, studios 550.

    There are more than 5 buildings on my Manhattan block’s footprint

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