This is interesting

A detail that could be rather important:

It is already offering so little in trade talks that the differential cost of the WTO option is trivial.

If the benefits of “a deal” are trivial then so had the costs better be or the correct answer is bugger you mateys, isn’t it?

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  1. How can you have a free trade deal?
    Free trade is trade without preconditions.
    A trade deal is trade with preconditions.
    HTF can you have trade without preconditions with preconditions?

  2. @jgh

    I think a free trade deal is just the codification of “we agree to not putting tariffs on owt as long as you do the same.” (possible exceptions for national security etc)

    Shouldn’t take more than an afternoon to sort, but it is the government and public sector dealing with it – they have to justify all the tax payer funded lunches and salaries. So it becomes an incredibly complex, prolonged affair.

  3. We didn’t need anybody’s permission to not charge ourselves for buying foreign goods in the 19th century. Admittedly, people wilfully misunderstood what Free Trade meant and sent gunboats out to force other people to not charge themselves to buy our goods.

  4. Trivial?

    EU loves triviality, years discussing a misplaced comma or rock more important than life itself

    British Government must return the Elgin Marbles in order to secure a satisfactory post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union.

    That, believe it or not, is what is happening. Greece, supported by Italy and Cyprus, has succeeded in inserting a clause in the EU’s draft negotiating mandate calling for ‘unlawfully removed cultural objects’ to be returned to their ‘countries of origin’

    The Marbles are not named, but there is little doubt as to what is intended. Pressure will be applied on the British to ‘give back’ the Marbles if they want a decent agreement.

    What in God’s name do the Marbles have to do with a trade deal? Nothing whatsoever. This is not serious diplomacy. The EU demeans itself.

    As the US Ambassador to EU said, “EU behave like children”

    EU secret talks: Varoufakis says he’ll release tapes of EU-Greece talks behind closed doors
    Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has submitted to Greek Parliament an envelope allegedly containing his secret audio recordings from the Eurogroup meetings while he was negotiating for Greece’s SYRIZA-led government in the first half of 2015

    The Cayman Islands, a British overseas territory, has been put on an EU blacklist of tax havens, less than two weeks after the UK’s Brexit

    “In a clear indication of the country’s loss of influence on the EU’s decision-making, the bloc’s 27 finance ministers signed off on the decision today.”

    Which is a clear indication of why we should not have entered a transition period and should have fully left. This is only the start of anti-UK Laws, rules & regs which will be implemented and we must Obey

    EU are not ‘partners’ they are Enemies

    No EU federalism! Danish MEP urges bosses to get trade deal with UK, “We joined EU to trade with UK”
    “Danish MEP Peter Kofod told EU bosses that it is essential for his country to continue to trade with its “best trade partner” Britain
    Mr Kofod criticised the EU for not working towards a common good.
    He added: “Cooperation based on common good rather than the EU federalism that is sometimes witnessed in this house sadly.”

  5. Spanish MEP Luis Garicano has warned UK the EU Parliament will not allow United Kingdom to become a tax haven or laundromat just offshore Europe

    Good luck with that Mr Garicano; shows again why we were correct to leave. Competitors verboten in EU

    EU: UK can’t have Canada, Japan etc deal as UK too geographically close to EU
    – Seems EU haven’t heard of container ships, all trade by Pony & Cart

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