This is shocking, shocking

It’s like finding gambling going on in a Tangiers boozer:

Kings Cross Steelers, the world’s first gay-inclusive rugby club, have said that the shocking levels of homophobic language revealed by a study conducted by Harlequins shows the need for clubs like theirs.

Ahead of hosting the world’s first ever professional LGBTQ+ Pride match against London Irish in the Premiership this weekend, research commissioned by Quins among clubs in their catchment area has revealed that that the majority of male rugby players, 69 per cent, had heard their teammates use homophobic slurs in the last two weeks, while 42 per cent of those same players admitted to using such language themselves in the same time period.

Hearty male sporting society uses language to shock maiden aunts? Tell us all it ain’t so!

23 thoughts on “This is shocking, shocking”

  1. I wonder how many seconds a rugby player would last on the pitch if he wore a Brexit Party logo, yet apparently it’s fine (if not mandatory) for them all to wear pro-poofery political symbols.

  2. The point which ought to be noted is that an openly inclusive rugby club has been welcomed into the league structure – one of a number.

    For an idea of rugby’s inclusive nature, check out “the Mark Bingham story”.

    Which is worse, a bit of banter or ingrained bigotry?

  3. “gambling going on in a Tangiers boozer”

    The film was called Casablanca. No doubt there was some arcane reason for that.

  4. My first thought on reading this was to imagine them doing a gay haka. Does that make me an evil homophobic bigot?

  5. “Real people pay no attention to Leftard propaganda.”

    Fixed headline.

    Left tries so hard to change us, and we pay no attention.

  6. The “light hearted”, shall we say, heteronormative, “banter” characteristic of bugry types is rather protesting too much, isn’t it.

  7. I was told that at one game we all had to,,,

    This is the point at which they should be told to fuck off.

    All this stuff is not inclusivity, it is contemporary compliance.

  8. The gay Sydney rugby club is known as the Convicts. They play regular matches against Maccabi which is a Jewish club.

    They wanted a trophy between them.

    The debate was whether it should be the Camp David Cup or the Barbra Streisand Shield.

    Don’t know what they chose but captures the humour of rugby.

  9. Good point, Gamecock.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Latin Tingis then developed into Portuguese Tânger, Spanish Tánger, and French Tanger, which entered English as Tangier and Tangiers. The Arabic and modern Berber name of the town is Ṭanja.”

  10. I note that the Sydney Convicts rugby club were less than supportive of Israel Folau.

    Inclusivity only goes so far and frequently only in one direction.

  11. Wonder of what their definition of a homophobic slur was, I’m guessing they had a list if innocuous phrases they asked people about rather than asking if they had heard something they thought was a homophobic slur.
    Also for control what were the stats for the gay club regarding homophobic and heterosexual slurs. Some of the worst comments I’ve heard about lesbians has been from gay men, same with misogynistic comments

  12. The Sedin twins were known for their skilled,non-physical game in hockey where physicality is celebrated to the point that they were referred to by some as ‘the sisters’.
    Once when asked about this ’slur‘ they replied “Not much, because we actually respect women“
    Much classier reaction than commissioning a survey to complain about how people are sometimes not nice about you. Though I imagine given rugby culture a lot of it is banter and not homophobic

  13. I imagine the “shocking homophobic language” will be things like

    – big girls blouse
    – handbags at dawn
    – man up
    – blah poof / poof blah
    – nancy girl
    – hissy fit
    – cock sucker

  14. Ha, by coincidence I was just watching the episode of Shameless (US) where they refer to a wholly gay shift of Firefighters, their nickname is the hose pullers and the shift is referred to as Chicago fire island

  15. John: quite so!

    We are supposed to respect religion (for no good reason I can fathom). Except of course, when it points in directions we are supposed not to like. To call it extremist is a judgment beyond the religion. Perhaps God is a nasty extremist too? The Bible seems to suggest that. Much better to ditch the religion, than to try to justify one unjustifiable reason over another.

  16. Salford – “The Red Devils”
    Widness – “The Chemics”
    St Helens – “The Saints”
    Kings Cross Steelers – “The Bummers”

  17. Wat,

    The Steelers play that sissy code for girls! Shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as the other teams.

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