This isn’t entirely so, no

Metropolitan Police bosses said they may have to cut recruitment of officers to fight violent crime after being told by ministers they would have to foot a multimillion-pound bill for policing the XR protests and other events.

In a letter to the Home Office, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, who has responsibility for the force, said it was “unacceptable” and “deeply concerning” to expect the Met to pay the £31 million bill for such exceptional events when he said officials had previously indicated they would meet the cost.

He told Kit Malthouse, the policing minister, that refusal to fund the bill through a special grant could have a knock-on effect that “risks reducing the money available for officers”.

This isn’t the police saying anything. It’s a politician at one level of the system demanding more money from the next level above him. As all politicians always will demand.

15 thoughts on “This isn’t entirely so, no”

  1. A simple solution presents itself. Announce that the met do not have the resources to protect idiot protestors from irate punters. Hey presto, no more protests.

  2. Yes, crack a few heads but if that seems too extreme, kettle the protesters in Canning Town station. How about that for a negative feedback loop!

  3. He met with them back in April to discuss ways to solve climate change. Nice bit of virtue signalling, but now you’ve got to pay for it.

  4. OT: And we have a winner in the biggest cock virtue signalling contest. From the Graun via Slashdot – Bill Gates has ordered a £500M superyacht that runs on cryogenic hydrogen, FFS!

  5. Straight out of Sir Humphrey’s playbook. First policing to cut is violent crime, not the facebook division.

  6. XR protests would have cost a damned sight less if Khan hadn’t encouraged them and ordered police to participate and defend them

  7. As JuliaM said.

    Maybe arresting them rather than having a nice day on overtime watching them and having a bit of a dance about would have been cheaper.

  8. This “XR hoo ha” comes after official talk–and at least one LBC phone-in trash radio show I understand–about harsher measures against disruptive street protest. Now the cash cost–real enough but peanutz for a shower who think 150 billion (almost certainly the ultimate cost) on the HSR2 Toy-train set is affordable–is being bigged up as well.

    They want new laws to bust street protest.

    To stop XR dickheads?

    To stop any UK Yellow Jackets as Blojo’s greenfreak circus moves to impoverish ordinary folk and remove our cars/cheap heat etc.

    Still paying those fucking Tory dues Theo? You are well healed so I suppose you and yours won’t be hit so hard–at first.

    Add it all in with the “Corovirus” crap compulsions now being put in place and we can see that Johnson is scum. That he was the least worst scum in Dec19 is also clear. But given that his BluLab/ Globo-Elite antics have kicked of in less than 8 weeks–we need to be ready for war. Literally maybe.

    Stop paying the dues Theo. You are paying your foes to fuck you and yours–and they will sooner or later.

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