Two Trumps

Trump congratulates wrong state for Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win
Trump congratulates ‘Great State of Kansas’ for Chiefs win
Super Bowl champions are based in Kansas City, Missouri

Well, yeah, common mistake actually. But silly.

However, this is fun:

Michael Bloomberg traded insults with Donald Trump on Sunday, calling the president “a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his obesity and his spray-on tan”.

The comment, made through the Democratic presidential candidate’s press secretary, came in response to abusive tweets and remarks the president made in a Super Bowl interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

In a quick-fire section of the interview, Trump was asked what he thought of when he heard the names of various political rivals.

“Very little,” he said of Bloomberg. “I just think of little.”

Bloomberg, 77, is 5ft 8in tall. Trump, 73, is 6ft 3in.

Trump then repeated an evidence-free claim, also made on Twitter earlier, about Bloomberg demanding special treatment in the Democratic presidential primary because of his height.

“Now he wants a box for the debates to stand on. OK, it’s OK, there’s nothing wrong, you can be short.

Getting right up the nose of your opponents is good – well, don’t forget, this is politics, not statesmanship. This is one of the things Trump gets, at least in part it’s a jeering match between tribes. “Oi, Shortarse” doesn’t quite work. But getting all of your people to associate one of their with being a shortarse does.

19 thoughts on “Two Trumps”

  1. Short he may be but Bloomberg is a billionaire… Bernie Ecclestone is very short but that didn’t stop him being influential and powerful, and attractive to women. Napoleon either…

  2. And given height is strongly genetic its a tad akin to racism to point to those things and call them out. Height doesn’t affect ability to do the job.

  3. Re the Kansas mixup… Mr Trump needs to have a serious word with his speechwriters and/or researchers.

  4. Election 2020: Rich old white New Yorker vs Rich old white New Yorker. May the best rich old white New Yorker win!

  5. During Trump’s campaign for nomination and subsequent election this technique was frequently pointed out by Scott Adams (of Dilbert), Trump just associates monikers to his political opponents; Crooked Hilary, Lyin’ Ted, Crazy Joe Biden, Low Energy Jeb, Cheatin’ Obama, etc. It creates a self-forfilling prophecy when they end up confirming that nickname and one instance is all it takes.

    There’s even a Wikipedia page about it:

  6. Presidential debate stage.

    Bloomberg: “My position on taxes . . . .”

    Trump (interupting): “Michael, can you stand up when talking to us?”

    Trump: “Oh.”

  7. Bloomberg, 77, is 5ft 8in tall

    That’s a fuckin lie. Maybe he’s 5 foot 8 in Cuban heels, with a Chihuahua walking alongside him for forced perspective. Little bastard is trying to squeeze 5 inches on us like Alex Salmond in a chip shop.

    The only reason Warwick Davis beat him for the role of “ugly dwarf” in Harry Potter was because everyone likes working with Davis.

  8. LOLs

    Yeah, 5 / 8 is average height, not little. Maybe he was that tall when he was twenty, hanging from a branch.

  9. Woman at gym this evening said she was for Kansas City because she was originally from Kansas.

    Minutes later, Gamecock remembering this thread, confronted her, “Hey, Kansas City ISN’T IN KANSAS!”

    She was busted.

  10. Have to admit it was news to me as well that Kansas City wasn’t in Kansas
    Not that I care about the fact anymore than I did when I was ignorant of it

  11. It appears Kansas City of Missouri sits adjacent to Kansas city of Kansas, each being either side of the kansas/missouri state line. Seems a bit confusing to be honest

  12. Yes, moqifen. For whatever reason, KC-Missouri grew way bigger than KCK.

    Odd fact (and possible reason): Kansas City, Kansas, was named after . . . Kansas City, Missouri, which came first.

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