Wealth of Nations

We recently had a thread about the best books of 2019.

Eamonn Butler – Director of ASI has kindly uploaded a PDF and ePub copy of his “Condensed Wealth of Nations“.

You can download it: HERE

I found the original impenetrable. (I also currently use Atlas Shrugged as a door stop..)

This is an easier 84 page primer on the Wealth of Nations which i hope everyone here finds useful.

12 thoughts on “Wealth of Nations”

  1. Speaking of the wealth of nations, Lord Green of Migration Watch reports on Boris’ cunning wheeze to continue giving away our wealth and our nation to any random Johnny-or-Pajeet Foreigner who turns up at Heathrow Airport willing to work for tuppence:


    There’s literally zero long term benefit in this for the Cons, because:

    * Traditional Conservative voters hate mass immigration
    * New Conservative voters hate mass immigration
    * Diverse incomers and their children vote Labour at something like 80%

    But as with the car ban, Huawei and HS2, they’re not thinking long term. They’re thinking of the cushty directorships and speaking fees they can collect in a few years after saying “so long, suckers!”

    Where’s ISIS when you actually need them?

  2. “I found the original impenetrable. ”
    I read the original in shifts, sandwiched between other more fun books. And I still skipped 60 pages banging on about silver.

  3. SNP Destroying Wealth of a Nation
    Believed the Global Warming mainia – No more icy cold weather

    Fake News From BBC
    11 February 2020: Falling ice causes first Queensferry Crossing closure

    31 Mar 2019

    7 Oct 2019

    11 February 2020

    …and Boris wants to spaff (only) £20Bn – try £50Bn – on a Bridge to NI

    Who’s going to search? Is it EU policy/law for bridge connecting Scotland and Ireland, similar to HS2 requirement?

  4. I bought the original for a dollar second-hand, which I think would please Smith. I found it if not impenetrable, slow going. I prefer the PJ O’Rourke precis, which is funnier.

  5. Boris wasting billions, SNP wasting billions, Education wasting billions

    Professor Patricia MacCormack – Taxpayers Money for negative return

    This mad woman thinks we should all kill ourselves to save the planet
    What the heck is a “Film Theorist”?

    Back in 2010 Flying, Partying & Drinking more important
    “‘Sometimes I deliberately try to get a beer before midday on the weekend. It seems decadent.'”

    2010 http://lecturelist.org/content/view_lecture/9049
    Then fly to USA https://youtu.be/OYoxjfBqvZE?t=52

    Professor Patricia MacCormack “Film Theorist” material suggest she believes Witches, Demons, Goblins etc are real; TV Series Charmed a documentary

    She’s beyond parody, worse she’s “educating” our children – sooner nihilist loon leads by example and kills herself the better

    Hopefully the Left will do this and save the planet and leave the sane people to live a normal live

    If she’d appeared to ‘teach’ me at Uni I’d listen for ~5 mins then walk out

  6. Pcar – it’s not a bridge, it’s a meme. Never going to happen for a lot of reasons, especially with HS2 still soaking up budget. He’s just trolling Nicola Sturgeon.

    Who will replace the Tories after Reverse Ted Heath completely pisses off both their old supporters and new ones tho? On current trajectory, the only actual achievement they’ll be able to boast of by 2024 is Brexit – and nobody will care by then.

    Ukip seems to be a joke, and it’s unfair to expect Nigel to rescue us a third time.


  7. Oops, missed

    Professor Patricia MacCormack: we should all kill ourselves to save the planet

    “Minority and oppressed people in the west have discovered that there is no liberation to be found in traditional patriarchal, capitalist or religious systems,” says academic, author and occult “Vulvic Deamonitalia” magic practitioner Professor Patricia MacCormack”

    Every and more SJW Woke box ticked by her in article – truly bonkers

  8. WON is difficult if you read it expecting to agree with everything or anything in it. Even when I read the excellent (cough cough) Tim Worstall I start out from the position that he’s wrong, and wait to be convinced. That’s much more fun. We had a great lecturer in Econ 1 who taught us that it’s a sport not a science. You get more enjoyment out of the game if you watch the opponents as closely as your own team.

  9. @Pcar “Minority and oppressed people in the west have discovered that there is no liberation to be found in traditional patriarchal, capitalist or religious systems.”

    I guess that’s why 1. A lot of “minorities” love their alternative traditional religious systems 2. They are so oppressed by capitalism that the stream to the west in their millions and refuse to return to places where they would be in the majority even when The Don so kindly invites them to 3. The traditional matriarchal systems aren’t doing a very good liberation job either are they? Mommy has by far the greatest influence on a little boy’s life and still the little male shits grow up to be big male shits.

    Well pointed out, thanks for the link.

  10. Much of the wisdom of the ancients now goes without saying, which makes it seem obvious and reading it boring. It takes an effort of will to imagine truisms as new ideas.TTOMS is particularly difficult in this regard.

  11. “I also currently use Atlas Shrugged as a door stop”

    Two people in a firm I worked for previously used Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” as a stand for their computer screens.

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