Well, I suppose so

In “Life in Synchro,” this hyperfeminist sport empowers women to work together

Synchro is women skating in skimpy uniforms. To music.

I guess it’s hyperfeminist in the same sense the Rockettes are.

OK, fair enough, they’re both difficult, require coordination, have skimpy outfits and are done to music. Just as long as we know what the definition of feminist is these days of course.

14 thoughts on “Well, I suppose so”

  1. but the empowerment it gives women

    ‘Empowerment’ is worth 1,000 points in bullshit bingo.

    The film shows that synchro is a sport that does not depend on the success of any one athlete, but a concerted effort from all involved.

    So it’s a team sport.

    Alas, the sport has not yet been approved for the Olympics

    Might as well though, given that all other women’s sports will be 90% hairy-arsed trannies by 2022.

  2. to be fair, most people who pay to watch figure skating shows are women and gay men.

    Figure skating isn’t a bad career in women’s sport. It’s aspirational to women, so they get lots of sponsorship, and the ice shows sell well. A lot of them do it until they’re over 35.

  3. Dennis, He Of The Gently Sloping Forehead

    Big deal. Roller derby is women working together, getting empowered and being violent towards each other. Much better.

  4. Dennis, A Wog Or Not A Wog... That Is The Question

    Have you seen some of the women’s ice hockey players, not a group to be trifled with.

    I’ve watched some college-level (Big 10) women’s hockey. Very good.

    If you really want to see women getting violent, watch ’em play field hockey. You haven’t seen vicious until you’ve seen a women’s field hockey game.

  5. I’ve played mixed field hockey. Several times in fact. And found it to be a more vicious game than full contact rugby, another game I also played.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    As I was reading down mixed field hockey came to mind as well. The couple of times I played it were frightening, I’d stick to rugby or even join the paras and do some milling.

  7. As a teenager in the late eighties I played water polo against a girls’ team. Not that it’s ever going to be a genteel game. But, stap me! The little wenches! It was like mud-wrestling with sharks, who had knees.

  8. The skimpy outfits are especially, er, feminist.

    They put me in mind of how, er, feminist I was when I agreed with the judges’ marks on Katerina Witt.

  9. Alas, the sport has not yet been approved for the Olympics

    If you can’t measure it, weigh it, time it, or count it – it’s not a sport, it’s an art form (particularly if points are given for ‘artistic merit’). When the modern Olympics started, medals were awarded for poetry.

  10. Hard to imagine hairy arsed trannies making much of an impression on women’s (i.e. little girls’) gymnastics, but yeah, pretty much everything else. Although if you made it explicit, dykes vs trannies hockey, well, I’d buy that for a dollar.

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