Well, I’d quite like one too in the fullness of time

Easy enough to explain:

The new Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, has made a cracking start. He has promised to restore the reputation of the Commons and said last week that there must be no more bullying in parliament: “The bullying culture is over.” Fine words, but does he really mean them?

Let’s hope he doesn’t end up fudging this, in the way that he now seems rather worryingly to be trying to fudge the record over his controversial public backing for a peerage for John Bercow, his predecessor. Just a few weeks ago, he told the BBC: “Every Speaker has been offered a peerage and I would expect John Bercow to be offered a peerage. That has always been custom and practice . . . I wouldn’t break that custom and practice . . . I think it should be offered to him.”

See headline.

15 thoughts on “Well, I’d quite like one too in the fullness of time”

  1. It is traditional custom and practice to offer retired bloggers a peerage? You don’t get away that easily, Tim. Keep blogging.

  2. Berkow didn’t seem to hold much with traditions, so I think we could safely ignore precedent in his case.

  3. Well I would think that exposing the Potato to constant scrutiny and ridicule, and perhaps even having been a factor in denying him a peerage, is pretty sterling public service which is the main criterion for vermine?

  4. Charge Bercow with Treason.

    It likely won’t stick despite his guilt. But the stigma should spike his “House of Bliar/Camoron Cronies” entry plans.

  5. Hammond should be offered the following as titles, no exceptions:

    Lord Philby, Blunt, Burgess

    Maclean and Cairncross probably too obscure

  6. @BF

    Already established for him would be Lord Eeyore.

    And for Ken Clark, something better than Baron surely? Count Basie, Earl Hines or Duke Ellington seem fitting.

  7. New boss, same as the old boss.

    Hoyle better learn to be a bully damn quick if he’s going to be Commons Speaker.

  8. Milord Clarke, Baron de Suif?

    Viscount Hammond of Barebones?

    Earl Bercow of Tinycuckold, in the Farthing of Holeleyinadequate-cum-Bendover?

    Lady Miller of Cantinghateattentiondoingitforyourowngood

    Tbc …

  9. “Charge Bercow with Treason. ”

    I’m all for that. But make him a peer first. Tradition says he gets an axe, not the rope. Live TV. Enormously entertaining. Hammond & Clarke as well, if you like. Make a day of it.

  10. Awards for useless
    Who’s on Question Time panel tonight?

    All voted Remain. Four out of five are anti-Tory

    Robert Buckland MP, secretary of state for justice
    Stella Creasy MP, Labour
    Ed Davey MP, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats and former energy secretary
    Rachel Shabi, journalist and author of a book on the Middle East
    Adam Pearson, actor, campaigner and TV presenter

    BBC Bias?

  11. Bloke in North Dorset


    “ But make him a peer first. Tradition says he gets an axe, not the rope.”

    Reminds me of one of those popular myths, Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin didn’t invent the eponymous device, he just propose that in their execution all should be equal and that peasants should be allowed beheading because it was swifter and seen as more humane. He was against the death penalty.

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