You keep thinking that matey

This is no ‘British culture war’, this is a few rightwing loudmouths whingeing
Chaminda Jayanetti


People’s attitude to Brexit naturally influences their view of the process of leaving the EU. But outside that, most of the weekly storms and skirmishes that are chalked up to the culture war should instead be understood as rants by bigots and bores. Casting them as some kind of profound conflict makes British society seem more intractably divided than it is, while giving the tedious whingers a political elevation they do not merit.

You keep doing your politics on that basis and the electorate will keep handing you your ass in a handbasket. Culture is in fact the defining cleave in British politics at present.

13 thoughts on “You keep thinking that matey”

  1. The commonality here is that, in each case, the subject matter doesn’t negatively affect anyone – neither the whinger, nor anyone else.

    Er, rape gangs, terrorism, drug gangs? Changing the political and social character of the country? Undermining personal, political and institutional trust?

    I’d say that immigration has had a pretty large negative impact on the English people on whom it’s been inflicted.

  2. a few rightwing loudmouths whingeing

    Yes totally wrong
    1 Its ‘lots’ of loudmouths
    2 They are only right wing socially, but more often vaguely collectivist (like the BNP and in fact most Fascist movements )
    Personally I`m fiscally conservative economically liberal, pro business and not wildly concerned about immigration. I come here to shed light where there is darkness, so to speak.

  3. Do we have any left-wing loudmouths who whinge, or is our happy liberal consensus only threatened from the right?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve taken to point out to these sort of claims that at least it means there won’t be a serious rejoin party or Labour government in my lifetime.

    Please keep it up, I may not like the Tories but they’re a lot better than the alternatives.

  5. You keep doing your politics on that basis and the electorate will keep handing you your ass in a handbasket.

    Which is why I hope and pray that the lunatic denizens of Labour keep pushing that line, making themselves unelectable forever.

  6. Light in Darkness Facepainter–you whose huge head is so far up your arse you need a searchlight to touch up your Cross of St Andrew? Fuck off and enlighten somewhere migration has equipped with lots of machetes.

    Mr Galt–the downside of shite useless opposition is that BlueLabour scum will soon forget that doing what the people want has made them and will go back to BluLabour busy-shite. IE polishing the Globo elite’s turds.

    Already starting with Blojo’s “car ban” and new laws against street protests –supposedly aimed at ER shite who stirred up the rucus–but actually intended to stop ordinary Brits hitting back YJ style when Bloj tries to enforce his “Shank’s Pony for you Pleb” edicts. And with no opposition– no one to vote for to punish BluLab. No one wants Marxist shite who are even worse.

    Don’t want left-shite –but we need to reform Brexit/UKIP/For Britain etc as one new Party to fight the globo elite. The Theo’s of the world are still paying their fuckwit dues .

  7. @Jonathan

    Spot on

    Ask Madeirans what they think about East European influx
    – wages down
    – crime & illegal drugs soars

    @Sam Vara

    Yes: BBC, C4, ITN, Sky News, Guardian, XR, Momentum, Unions, Education, Law, Health…..

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