A new documentary

Working with Clinton’s personal archives and dozens of hours of interviews with friends, colleagues (Barack Obama makes a brief appearance), staff and family, including husband Bill and daughter Chelsea, Burstein works to unpack the hardened public persona.

Ah, right, so it’s a hagiography then. Bill and Chelsea wouldn’t appear in anything else, would they?

7 thoughts on “A new documentary”

  1. Wasn’t there already a documentary about Hillary following her campaign to make a coat out of those puppies?

  2. So many people unable to be interviewed: James Dougal, Mary Mahoney,Vince Foster…..Seth Rich, not to mention late body guards(ten of them). Does she find it depressing that so many associates die young?

  3. Gamecock,

    It’s cheap TV. Clinton and all their pals will be doing it for free. You shoot these things with a crew of a dozen people. The bitter feminist niche market is probably big enough to cover that.

  4. – Bill Clinton accuser reacts to his dismissive excuses in Hulu documentary
    “Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick reacts to new Monica Lewinsky claims”

    Will Bill Clinton’s ‘Lolita Express” flights by covered?

    – Trump campaign sues CNN for defamation

    Why does this bigot have a platform? She clearly hates America. Notice how many chairs are empty at Omar’s speaking engagement. Revoke her asylum status and deport her

    – Rep. Biggs (Rep) on why he’s opposed to coronavirus bill

    The labs already exist, the minds work there, tech is up to date, so what the hell is the point? All pharma R&Ds will already be full speed on a vaccine/cure. I’d start with Acyclovir and HIV type ‘cures’
    “A billion and a half dollars sent overseas”…They never did say where.

    – Republicans gear up to launch a “Behind Closed Doors” Hunter Biden probe

    About time, should have started last year, but it’s “Behind Closed Doors” nothing burger

    Romney only agreed because everything is behind closed doors- he feels like he and other establishment troglodytes can squash the issue behind closed doors for their establishment partners across the aisle

    Trump still has a lot of swamp draining to do

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