An interesting use of the word consensus

But my focus is now on the PCC: the Post-Coronavirus Consensus. This will take some time away from immediate issues to develop thoughts upon. I’ll be sharing them here as they emerge, I promise you,

This meaning thew general agreement on the future that no one else is involved in creating nor even aware of, rather tablets pressed and stamped from an end terrace in Ely?

34 thoughts on “An interesting use of the word consensus”

  1. Spud’s blog conjures up images of a deranged man sat explaining how important he is to an audience of broken dolls he’s carefully arranged around himself as an audience.

  2. I was imagining him sitting there with Play School’s Big Ted, Little Ted, Hamble, Jemima and Humpty. Their heads and full of sawdust and cotton wool, but I still reckon Humpty and the Teds would best him on economics and Hamble and Jemima would trounce him on accounting.

  3. I wonder if Peason and Fotherington-Thomas (he is a weed) are involved. Capt Potato ought to be Grabber but I suspect he would not win the Mrs Joyful prize for rafia work

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I caught something on the BBC that they are putting a radio program/series together talking to experts on what they think will happen after the pandemic has subsided.

    Looks like he’s auditioning.

    We can be sure he hasn’t been approached because that would have been front and centre for weeks.

  5. Our friends and allies in Finland think Boris got what he ordered. First they say he is a nazi, fascist, bringing a totalitarian society upon us. Now they say he failed because he wasn’t any of that, apparently, I suppose. I guess he was too liberal.

  6. I’m listening to Milestones. Some modal wankery there already, I can hear it. In other news, in Finland they have cut off Greater Helsinki, the army is helping the police with road blocks.

    Boris is such a Nazi, such a fascist, in cohorts with Trump – totalitarism here we come.

    Horace Silver, Song formy Father. No modality. Such bliss.

  7. Jussi – crumbs! Milestones is a brilliant LP with one of the best Miles line-ups ever and if you want Horace Silver with modal “influences” try ‘Safari’ from the album with Art Blakey. You might need more (or possibly less) of your 4.4% abv stimulant to enjoy either to the full.

  8. Bison, I like Grant Green, I like Lee Morgan, I don’t get modal when it gets too heavy, nor avant garde or free jazz. I guess my sweet spot is 1956/58 to 1963/65. I think Cannonball Adderleys Somethin’ Else is basically a Miles Davis record, I used to have a very a early pressing. My aunt was working in NYC around 1963/64 and she would send my mother loads of LP’s, all of them lost now.

  9. I think the consensus will probably be something akin to not letting in so many people through the borders in future, but I doubt very much that’s what being considered here.

  10. @Jussi

    Yep, the doomsters out in force

    Ignore the self-publicists, nobody has been ‘vindicated’ by coronavirus

    …Whenever you looked up the actual publications of any of these wannabe Cassandras, you would invariably find that they had not “predicted” anything. They had just written generic anti-capitalist rants full of fashionable platitudes, waffling about “casino capitalism”, “corporate greed” and “neoliberal fundamentalism”, without saying a word about the very specific causes of this very specific crisis. A lazy, superficial diatribe against capitalism is not a prophecy, it’s a Comment is Free article. It’s every George Monbiot article, and every Paul Mason article, ever written. They had been vindicated only in the same way a horoscope might occasionally ‘come true’…

  11. Gov’t advisor admits Covid-19 models were wrong and too apocalyptic

    “- Professor Neil Ferguson, who is recovering at home from Covid-19, told the Science and Technology Committee that experts were now expecting around 20,000 deaths, although said it may turn out to be a lot less.

    – But he said that many of those deaths were likely to be old and seriously ill people who would have died from other conditions before the end of the year

    This is the very man, the man from Imperial College, who said there would be 410 000 to 550 000 UK deaths (and 2.2 million in the US) if we didn’t bring in all the measures, including five months of total lockdown. A claim based on his own work, and the paper he was lead author on. Now he’s massively changed his tune. Suddenly it’s no big deal”

  12. The man who’s fallen out with everyone who’s had the misfortune to work with him (or even live with him) with an ego the size of a planet contained in a brain the size of a broad bean is now an expert on reaching a consensus? man’s a cretin.

  13. Trump goes one-on-one with Hannity to discuss coronavirus response

    – BBC, C4 etc have been airing out of context and re-edited/manipulated clips to discredit Trump

    MSM/Left mantra still: “All Trump approved cures/inhibitors bad, ban them and let peeps die so we can blame Trump for deaths and stop him being re-elected”

    Trump, like Reagan is right about one thing, don’t count on the Federal Government [or Dems]

  14. Hellary Clinton’s outrageous comments on coronavirus leave ‘The Five’ speechless
    From the mouth that spewed out “What difference does it make?” HRC continually proves her place in the “bad human club”.

    When you are having a bad quarantine day just remember, at least you are not quarantined with her

    New York houses more than half US COVID-19 infections
    : The worst cities are run by Democrats..and they whine the loudest during crisis
    : Yesterday Cuomo was on TV imploring New Yorkers to stay home, he asked them to think about their mother’s and emphasized the preciousness of life…. THIS coming from the same man that earlier this year signed into law that babies can be put to death up to moment of full term birth… The Hypocrisy
    : How’s that sanctuary city policy working for you New York City and Khan’s London? Not good? Khan’s solution: cancel >half TFL and cram passengers in like sardines. Social distancing? Not on TFL, but try disobeying elsewhere and arrested

    Day 10 of the national coronavirus shutdown
    : New York ‘open border’ ‘hug a Chinaman’ still epicentre
    : @Hector‘s ref referred to too

    “The predictions of the models don’t match reality”

    Models: 550,000 deaths due to CV-19 in UK

    Reality: 25,035 deaths ‘with’ CV-19 worldwide at 12:00GMT Friday

    Reality: ~1,680 die in UK every day – 1.2 every minute

    Media on Thursday stats: 1 CV19 death every 13 minutes – with, not due to. Meanwhile 15 deaths every 13 minutes is normal

    End of Global Warming model based scam?

  15. Pcar, the answer to your question is ‘hopefully’, but we need to make sure everybody knows the climate apocalypse is based on the same type of computer models that caused the worlds leaders to drag us into this Covid madness.

    They will say ‘It’s not our fault, we only listened to the best scientific advice’ whereas what they did was listened to the advice that suited their agenda, willfully ignoring the scientific advice which did not (similar to the ‘push people towards diesel vehicles because they produce less Co2’ advice, whilst deliberately ignoring the scientists saying it would lead to more deaths due to particulate pollution).

  16. So we’re in the prediction business are we.

    OK here goes. The PCC according to Richard will be ….. “I was Right”. He’ll also be the “First” to come to that conclusion.

  17. The Meissen Bison

    Jussi – I still have my vinyl copy of Somethin’ Else. Autumn Leaves is probably my favourite track of all time.

  18. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    If you dredge through a lot of Ferguson’s evidence, it looks like the best summary is:

    From the original paper:
    – we predict up to half a million will die if nothing is done
    – the best thing to do is as many methods of keeping folk apart as possible
    – that should keep the deaths way down

    His recent evidence is essentially:

    – oooo! It works

    That is – how unusual! – the msm concentrated on the 500k deaths.

    In reality, he hasn’t changed anything in his predicted outcomes. But his assumptions are still assumptions. And we still need real numbers to replace the assumptions.

  19. A comic gem from the greatest man alive

    I will not stop thinking of course: even if I do other activities I never seem able to turn my brain off.

    Even when he’s driving his model trains, he dreams of world domination

  20. Diogenes – perhaps ‘especially’ rather than ‘even’: after all, “Hitler made the trains run on time”.

  21. BiTJ–Some effectively the Great Prognosticator of Unreal Plagues covers all his bases.

    Where’s the evidence that it was EVER going to be any more than Flu + and a bad flu year–likely not even the worst.

  22. I don’t generally like overarching theories of history but I think the exposure of instutional corruption and overreach, of the power grab by “experts” in concert with media to pedal narratives unsupported by solid facts, takes us to the Fourth Turning whereby everyone loses faith in institutions and authority, a 1989 this time for the postwas consensus in the west.

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