An odd reason for non-conscription

A brawny 5ft 9in, Franzese had frequent brushes with the law in his youth. He was drafted into the US army during the Second World War but discharged after an internal evaluation described him as “psychoneurotic with pronounced homicidal tendencies”.

Great qualifications for a mafiosi and you’d sorta think they’d find a use for them in a war.

8 thoughts on “An odd reason for non-conscription”

  1. What’s that surfer flick? Big wednesday? Surfer dudes all try and get out of the draft. Flat feet. Gay. The one that says give me a gun and i’ll shoot you just to see what your blood looks like trickly down your face- gets the marines.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Well, sorta. The military try not to train sociopaths even in wars. You really don’t want your soldiers running riot amongst the enemy civilian populations. Rape and pillage usually carries a death sentence for good reason.

    In more modern times look at Abu Ghraib, set the cause back years.

  3. Well, there’s a reason why Italy lost. I would like to see a DIRTY DOZEN type film where classic Italian American wiseguys with Tommy guns and zoot suits fight Nazis though.

  4. His son followed him into the Mafia and left, the only man to survive doing so. Find him on youtube in numerous videos. Very interesting.

  5. It’s in ‘The Wisdom of Psychopaths’, I believe, that the author discusses how elite soldiers such as yer SAS are on the psychotic end of the spectrum. The selection process is pretty much intended to identify such individuals.
    He hooks up Andy McNab to monitoring equipment and demonstrates that, when faced with extreme situations which would cause the likes of you and me to panic or shut down, he becomes focussed and calculating.

  6. People like that don’t take well to orders except from other people like that – because those people will kill you if you don’t do what they tell you to do. And he’s probably too dangerous to let loose to run with the dirty tricks crowd. Sure, he won’t balk at the dirty work, but he probably wouldn’t know when to back off either.

    Joe Pesci’s character from Goodfellas would not do well even in a conscription-era military.

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