Brits are as bad as Americans

You know that standard thing, Americans who believe that London is a country and that it’s a quick right hand turn away from Quetta. Which, culturally these days, it might well be of course. But it appears we can beat them at their own game.

Reporters on a national newspaper no less:

Coronavirus in the US: Middle America tools up for a fight

OK, Middle America, flyover country, the heart and soul of the nation and not the effete metropoles.

Forgtmenot on Manhattan’s Lower East Side is usually one of the city’s busiest bars, popular with British expats and local scenesters. Now, though, with New York in lockdown and its usually manic streets resembling a scene from The Walking Dead, the bar has been transformed into an all-purpose deli-cum-bodega.

Pilsners are out; hand sanitiser is in. Fresh produce is on sale and customers can order takeaway cocktails.

If you think that Manhattan’s Lower East Side is Middle America then there’s something of a shock coming to you when you contemplate the next 3,000 miles of the place.

OK, sure, it’s even south of Greenwich Village and looks out over Brooklyn so it ain’t civilisation or anything but seriously, come on…..

5 thoughts on “Brits are as bad as Americans”

  1. Yay free market liberalism!. But, now it’s in the papers, you can expect the FBI to walk in and shake it down. There must be an obscure requirement for licenses and permits to sell some of that stuff. Can they prove the oranges weren’t grown by human slaves in Iran? That kind of thing.

  2. “Scenesters”? For fuck’s sake.
    One of our town locals has gone in to selling boxes of fruit, meat and veg online and will deliver foc within the town, or charge for delivery further afield. Probably getting it all from their current (local) suppliers, so good luck to them, keeping themselves, their suppliers and the locals going. Shows initiative.
    Anybody in the Tetbury area, look at The Priory Inn online.
    No connection.

  3. Are they possibly confusing Middle America with middle class America? Reporters are idiot children, after all.

  4. The Times is rubbish these days. I use my one free article a week to read Rod Liddle but that’s it.

    Chockful of wankers still in mourning for New Labour.

    Altho, setting his severe Brexit Derangement Syndrome aside, Matthew Parris writes some good articles.

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