Bug Fixing

The latest version of wordpress is incompatible with the theme the site uses (its 10 years old). Were making some bug fixes and should be back to normal (whatever that is) soon.


24 thoughts on “Bug Fixing”

  1. Just my opinion but I don’t like this short form format you have now. If it is your intention to keep it then my vote is Nope.

  2. There is such a thing as “normal” ?!!
    Where did you find it, and can I order a sheaf or two?

  3. Does a layout ‘go bad’ or stop working, just because it is 10 years old? Anyway, from the peanut gallery:
    1) comments in boldface are hard (okay, maybe “unpleasant”) to read;
    2) the old layout had buttons to go directly post-to-post, rather than going back to the full post listing – that was nice, and I would like to see it retained
    3) the old layout had a “top” button down in the lower right corner – that was nice, particularly when you could click over to the next post from the bottom of the current one. If we’re going to be clicking the “back” arrow anyway, perhaps that doesn’t matter

  4. External forces such as security updates and patches sometimes break older bits of the site.

    I have addressed the boldness, forward and backward after an article and will add the ‘back to top’ button too.

  5. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Any chance you could delete links to obsolete sites from ‘Hardly Trivial’? Some haven’t been updated for 15 years…

  6. allthegoodnamesaretaken said:
    “Any chance you could delete links to obsolete sites from ‘Hardly Trivial’? Some haven’t been updated for 15 years…”

    But don’t delete the obsolete Vainglory items – the squirrel comment needs to stay up even though the link no longer works.

  7. External forces such as security updates and patches sometimes break older bits of the site.

    Oh – Oh well; not much you can do about it, I guess. Thanks for the other changes / retention of some of the old functionality.

  8. Hello Richard.
    The font (and colour) of the quoted sections are hard to read. Think the you may have also lost the underlining for links.
    The font in typing comments box is nice and cleat.

  9. Richard,

    I just tried “Voyage”, rather than “Neve” (on the theme switcher at the top). (Apart from it telling you in big letters what it’s just done – “Voyage”!) that’s looks a whole lot better, maybe it would be better to default to that one, rather than have to choose it?

    And also the quotes in Voyage have perhaps shrunk too much?

  10. @Richard,

    BIN the CAPITALISATION of posters’ names please

    Tim’s bit below quote: increase font size

    All text: Arial (same as quotes) not Times Roman please

  11. After about 30 minutes of casually looking about, I noticed a theme switcher box. Decided to give it a try. While I do think I like the voyager theme better, I can’t seem to find the switcher box anymore.

    iOS 12.4 iPad with safari.

  12. CiT

    Switch cookies off and reload, it should default back to Neve and the switcher box reappears? (And maybe delete existing cookies if that’s also necessary?)

  13. PF said:
    “I just tried “Voyage”, rather than “Neve” … that’s looks a whole lot better”

    Oh, yes – much better – thank you – clearer where new posts start and end.

  14. @Richard March 2, 2020 at 7:14 pm

    It looks shit because you insist on blocking everything useful.

    Pardon? I turned Javascript on and still shit

    Site users should not have to jump through hoops to make site render in a visually pleasing, usable. Your demand that users bow to your hoop-jumping superior format is insulting

    Express, Forbes, Guardian, Independent, Mail, Mirror, Spectator, Spiked, Telegraph, Times et al do not require jump through hoops

    Going down the “you must do this” to use this site contradicts Tim W’s “freedom” stance

    The site is for audience/users, not your BBCesq “I know best”

  15. This is now much better than the earlier experiments. It now seems to have most of the features we know and loved from the old site I’m away from my laptop ATM so this comment refers to Firefox on Android. Thank you Richard for persevering in the face of a lot of critical but well-intentioned comment.

  16. I have seen worse sites. Yellow on brown for example. This design, though not in the least sexy, is clean and workmanlike. We the denizens seem to get on all right.

  17. iOS 12.4 with safari

    Voyager theme has theme switch box on first page

    Neve theme has it on the last page

    Either move the neve code switch box to the first page so we can find it easily

    OR make voyager the default theme


  18. Richard,

    We all know this is “progress”, but now labelllng the styles “Worstall” 2020 and “Worstall 2007” is just plain amusing (to me at least)!

    Hint, I know it’s WIP, but 2007 perhaps still looks the more modern?

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