Bugger off mateys

The largest group in the European parliament has urged the UK government to do the “responsible thing” and extend the Brexit transition period, as coronavirus plays havoc with the timetable for an EU-UK deal.

The centre-right European People’s party (EPP), which unites the parties of 11 EU leaders, including Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar, issued a statement on Monday calling on the government to extend the Brexit transition beyond the end of the year.

Christophe Hansen, a MEP from Luxembourg who sits on the European parliament’s international trade committee, said: “Under these extraordinary circumstances, I cannot see how the UK government would choose to expose itself to the double whammy of the coronavirus and the exit from the EU single market, which will inevitably add to the disruption, deal or no deal.

Once the pass is sold then there will always be another extraordinary crisis, won’t there?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    If anything now is the time to go for a clean break. Everything’s chaotic and will be for some time after the siege mentality lifted. There is going to be a new normal whatever happens, why go through that pain and then go through Brexit disruption?

    And when you look at what’s happening across the EU its going to be difficult for it to negotiate in any sensible way: The Hungarians have just had a coup in all but name and the Poles are looking like they could go the same way, the Italians and Spanish are spitting daggers at the EU, Germany and all points North, the Euro is going to be on life support for years to come, Germany is protecting its own interests, Shenghen has all but died as countries erect barriers and its hard to see those coming down quickly so the 4 pillars resolution has been broken. The permanent bureaucracy is rubbing its hands in glee at the thought of using the crises to further ever closer union.

    How do you negotiate with that?

  2. If there is any extn the turds will try to claim even more mega-billions in EU bailout help. Blojo is already headed for massive unpopularity because of the lockdown fiasco ruining vast numbers over an hysterical song and dance about nowt.

    He really shouldn’t make it worse and spoil the one thing he was showing a little spine over.

  3. It’s the EU way – ignore hard problems to which you have no solution and create a diversionary discussion which can command some sort of consensus.

  4. The Other Bloke in Italy

    They want the money to flow in for longer.

    Meanwhile, the basic principles of the EU are crumbling into irrelevance.

    Let them rot.

  5. BiND,

    I tend to agree. We’re not making any cars at the moment, so the big JIT stuff is mostly irrelevant. We probably won’t need summer farm workers, as we’ve got lots of people doing nothing. It’s probably easier to do this at the end of the year than it would have been in normal times.

  6. It seems to me that as the entire country has been asked to make sacrifices to protect the old, the old might show a little humility. No-one is in the mood for fighting through this just to be told be have to live some old ladies armpit impoverished wanker life based on ignoring experts, pretending business ( ie jobs ) do not matter, and telling the ignorant they can have nice house and good job if we just got rid of the foreigners..( breathe)
    Amazing isn`t how the UK government can do absolutely anything it likes despite being in the grip of an all powerful evil empire.
    Delayed ? It shpuld be canclled no-one cares about it any more and thats not good enough if you want to tell recovering firms to face a whole new set of problems created by the dim witted granny hate who can`t spell economy and contributes fuck all

  7. What I observe is that older people are generally the ones saying that Covid is overhyped, and not asking for favours. It’s the 20-60 year olds buying the panic- I guess it has more to do with wanting a purpose in life than any real care for people like me, who a few months ago they wished dead.

  8. “The centre-right European People’s party (EPP), which unites the parties of 11 EU leaders, including Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar.”

    Spot the oxymoron in that sentence.

  9. ”It seems to me that as the entire country has been asked to make sacrifices to protect the old . . .”

    S’funny, I got the impression it was the other way around.

  10. Facepaint–You get scummier every time your gob opens. Whatever produced you must have disowned you long ago as a turd they should have flushed away.

  11. Just panic over losing a big contribution to the budget, and no doubt there would be some sort of ‘emergency fund’ that we’d have to pay off before we left if we extended.
    Having left doesn’t it mean the UK is in a much better position to decide which businesses it wants to give state aid to? Though I imagine state aid will be the next thing the EU starts turning a blind eye too if it has any sense.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    “It seems to me that as the entire country has been asked to make sacrifices to protect the old, the old might show a little humility. ”

    The initial moves haven’t been about protecting the elderly, they’ve been about protecting the health care system. Initial modelling and experience from Italy (yes, they were incompetent) showed that the NHS wouldn’t be able to cope with peak admissions and we’d have been having any number of preventable deaths, not all of them old people and not all of them Covid-19 related.

    The scientific and medical advice was quite specific and the government’s response reasonable, even if they thought the numbers were on the high side. If they hadn’t responded there would have been all hell to pay, Boris Derangement Syndrome would have been a bigger public health risk than Covid-19, just imagine what would have happened in a do nothing scenario and the health care system had been overwhelmed? It would have been hard for this government to continue and its quite likely there’d have been riots on the streets.

    However, the lock down (that isn’t really) was probably a step too early, if not a step too far, and that was driven by the MSM with their idiotic pointing at other countries without considering the different situations. Now that we’re here its going to be difficult to unwind it.

    As to protecting the elderly and vulnerable, as long as there’s the health care resources we should start unwinding the lock down as early as possible. Peak deaths is forecast for mid April and I’d like to see it start from then, at the latest. I say that as someone who’s wife is the the high risk category and I’m on the margins of it myself, but with appropriate social distancing we should be OK, as long as there’s capacity in the system should we get infected. At some point the damage to my pension fund won’t make life worth living anyway!

  13. Since the deadline of getting a trade deal finalised by the end of the year primarily benefits the UK, since the ratification of the trade deal ends the transition period and the money flow to the EU, you can understand the EU coming up with any excuse for delay and prevarication. They must simply be told “No” (or “Non” even to make the message absolutely clear).

  14. Protect the NHS –
    Please don’t use our services, please don’t seek our help. We are the envy of the world.

    What the fuck it the point of NHS if it can’t be used when there’s need? It’s not fit for purpose.

  15. Newmania really does hate old people, doesn’t he? It seems so ungrateful considering that these were the people who voted in favour of EU (sorry,it was EEC then) membership in the 70s.

  16. Does anyone know what benefit the EU derived from this alleged programme to buy ventilators? It doesn’t seem to have worked for Italy. Does it exist? I can’t find it on Europa.eu. Is it just one of those 3 year consultation exercises that ends up with planes that don’t fly?

  17. The Meissen Bison

    Newmie, it’s always lovely to hear from you, particularly on your best topic.

    You won’t have been to visit your mum on Mother’s Day in her fœtid bungalow but you could perhaps manage to be a bit more generous than to write about her remaining years as some old ladies (sic) armpit impoverished wanker life.

    I wonder whether the children who are driving you mad while you stumble with your grammatical white stick through the language of insurance documents would recognise the description of dim witted granny hate who can`t spell economy and contributes fuck all.

    All families have their problems of course but in your case I susupect it might be you.

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