Can anyone help me here?

It’s easy to miss things:

All I know is I have a flu type illness that is not going the way these things always usually do with me.

But that, I suggest, does indicate the failure of government policy. After all, it would be really useful to know if I have got coronavirus. I would definitely know what was required now, instead of guessing. And they’d know too. And so would those with whom I have had contact. And I’d also know that if there is such a thing as immunity that I might have it.

But right now, I don’t know, the people I know don’t know and the government doesn’t know, so they have no idea whether or not the stats they issue are in any way useful, or not.

What government policy is it that prevents testing for coronavirus on a semi-retired bloke in Ely?

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  1. In Tuberworld actions have no costs. Everyone with a sniffle should be tested every 24 hours, or more often if they feel like it.

  2. The NHS has all the tests. If he phones his GP or NHS 111 he’ll just be told to self-isolate, unless symptoms become severe. He can’t just rock up to the hospital and demand a test; because they can’t do anything about it anyway.

    So yes, government (NHS) policy is preventing 62 year old semi-retired blokes from having needless tests.

  3. The more emotional members of our society, and Spud is a prime example, are managing to work themselves up into a fine old lather with their shrieks of “Test me. Test everybody”.

    Why, apart to satisfy their pointless curiosity, should we do that? It’ll make no difference to their outcome or treatment. If they develop symptoms serious enough to require hospitalisation, they will be tested, if only to keep the Wuflu away from others in hospital.

    Useful testing would be to conduct a large, random sample of the population to assess the current level of spread; as has just been done in Iceland, where it revealed 1% of the population is infected.

  4. they have no idea whether or not the stats they issue are in any way useful, or not.

    And what makes this different from every other government stat issued, ever?

    Sadly, I don’t expect this truth to permeate his “thinking”.

  5. ‘But that, I suggest, does indicate the failure of government policy.’

    Dang it! Why doesn’t government have a test for something unknown to the world 3 months ago?

    Take Murphy’s brain. Add fever. OMFG!

  6. I do wonder if, with the entire civil service devoted to Brexit we are going to save as many people as we could have done. Surely we need all hands on deck right now?
    Whether or not testing everyone is a proper use of resources seems dubious to me, we need to resource the medical emergency and take early steps to forestall the financial contagion that god forbid, may follow. People are already concerned for their savings and we are looking at a 3% GDP loss.Much could be done to minimise the damage
    I would hate to think that our representatives were worrying more about their get it done sound-bite than saving lives and livelihoods right now

  7. I believe the test has a 47% false positive record so said test would do the fat bastard little good anyway.

  8. I strongly suspect that the majority of the UK population has this virus. What matters is whether it is live and kicking. If someone is able to post fatuous thoughts on his blog, he is not suffering from covid, but merely his usual sense of undue self-importance and bad acne. Is he the reincarnation of Adrian fucking Mole?

  9. To counter this, hasn’t South Korea taken the (very) extensive testing route? First off, anybody can genuinely just voluntarily drive up to various nominated car parks and be tested by people in protected suits. Linked to that, an extensive investigation process (including using mobile phone technology, “where and when”) to try and identify / contain others that might also be infected.

    And hence they might appear (so far from the current stats) to be moving towards achieving better levels of both recovery and containment than any European countries (early days obviously), and without any of the extensive authoritarian “complete lock down” activity that’s taken place in China, or even increasingly now in some European countries?

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I had thought we managed to keep a week or too ahead of the Europeans on this (at the start) precisely by being extremely active on the identify and contain approach to any existing cases / who they had been in touch with etc? S Korea is not dissimilar to the UK in terms of size etc (50 million).

  10. Diogenes

    It’s unlikely that the majority of the population has the virus. As of yesterday, they’d done 40,000 tests and found 1,391 cases. Up until recently the UK was testing all those who exhibited symptoms and those who were in close proximity to those with exposure to Covid. The UK probably has around 3500 (100 times death) (with big +/- factors since the death rate reflects those infected a couple of weeks ago)infected, with the number climbing sharply due to infections from the continent and infections from the undetected.

    What irritates me is that the dildo in charge of the WHO had the temerity to criticise the UK for stopping testing when the true criminals were the Italians who stopped testing anyone but the seriously ill back in February.

  11. Dunno what Violet Elizabeth Newmania’s problem is with Covid-19. Not long ago he was bemoaning the old people that voted for Brexit and wished them all a speedy demise.

  12. He should just thank his lucky stars he’s not looking at triage. I should think there’s a sizeable faction would writing DNR on his file card.

  13. “What government policy is it that prevents testing for coronavirus on a semi-retired bloke in Ely?”
    The sensible one that prioritises those at risk of dying from or spreading the infection. Murphy does not admit to a pre-existing medical condition that would place him in the high-risk category. He should simply self-isolate and ‘phone Ocado to deliver his groceries.
    For avoidance of doubt narcissism is not a condition that, directly, increases the risk of dying from Covid-19

  14. @ Newmania
    Firstly the entire Civil Service is not devoted to Brexit. Secondly it wouldn’t make much difference to the pandemic if 99.9% were.
    Thirdly, the general public has the responsibility for limiting the pandemic by simple sensible behaviour. The Archbishops have made recommendations to all Parish Churches on maintaining services with the absolute minimum risk of spreading infection with the least disruption compatible with that; lots of neighbourly people (including some non-Christians) are volunteering to help at-risk or self-isolating neighbours. Any government action will only have, at best, a marginal benefit and Matt Hancock has started out by admitting that the draconian proposal by his bureaucrats to put all over-70s under house arrest may fail because some will find it intolerable (and others may starve to death as a consequence).

  15. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    I was wondering how long it would take Spud to convince himself he had the virus. Now I know.

  16. Dennis, Geography Master and Pendant

    I do wonder if, with the entire civil service devoted to Brexit we are going to save as many people as we could have done.

    The whole of the British civil service is trained in medicine and public health? Who knew?

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    Does it matter whether he’s got the virus or not? If he’s got the virus or just a bad chest infection it’s in the public interest, or at least in the interest of high risk categories that he self isolates. If it gets worse he’ll soon get whisked to hospital.

    The Streetwise Prof had a good post on this, he doesn’t provide a link but claims there’s a high false results rate:

  18. Dennis, Who Does Not Play A Doctor On TV

    If he’s got the virus or just a bad chest infection it’s in the public interest, or at least in the interest of high risk categories that he self isolates.

    But only if he self isolates without a computer or internet access. Otherwise, we continue to suffer.

  19. Quite aside from Newmonia’s thirst for the blood of the elderly, what shocks me most is to see ken describing someone as a ‘dildo’.

    I had to go and cover up the feet and ankles of my baby grand piano, to recover from it. My girl wot does, Dolores, is cursing me for it (through her strange new and repeated coughs).

    She doesn’t like washing overlarge doilies.

  20. Perhaps the Bolloxmeister is the very person on whom to test Best Practice as used by his socialist Friends in the East.

    Weld the bugger’s doors and windows shut.

  21. “The whole of the British civil service is trained in medicine and public health? Who knew?”

    Didn’t you know? The moment a holder of a degree in Sociology gets a job in a government department is the day he or she instantaneously becomes an expert on anything and everything, and should be put in charge of the lives of millions.

  22. @Mr Lud

    The WHO knob had the temerity to praise the Italians for working hard against the spread of Covid last week when the idiots finally closed the country down. What he should have been doing is castigating the italian morons for not testing everyone they could (which indeed is bad) and for utterly losing control of their outbreak. Depressingly, it now appears that the Italian infection rate two weeks ago was over 100,000, (deaths running at 1,809 and assuming a 1.6% death vs. cases rate – two weeks ago to allow for symptoms to develop) so even with the quarantine, they’re probably up to 400-500,000 cases at least.

    “The World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised Italy for making “genuine sacrifices” with the restrictions. Until now only about 50,000 people in northern Italy had been affected by quarantines.”

    As I pointed out to Emil last week, the reality was that the Italians proved to be useless and incompetent. A big part of the problem is that far too many people believed the Italians and did not close their borders when they should have.

    The Spanish also appear to have followed the same strategy as the Italians – their death rate is far too high given their detection rate and they appear only to have been testing infected.

    The one positive thing in the UK is that they quarantined a lot of people who might have been infected, but may have been asymptomatic and thus did not end up being tested. Not going to help as the number of infected rise (yes, they should have closed the borders to the EU when it became clear the Italians had no idea what their infection rate was.)

  23. Bloke in North Dorset

    What we really need is a test for those who’ve had the disease. They could then become the kernel of Little Platoons that can be used to provide services to the elderly and other high risk groups and take on other civil contingency roles.

    It seems a waste of time and resources testing every Spud-like hypochondriac every time they get a snuffle, mildly high temp or a bit of a cough.

  24. Spud is on the verge of martyrdom. He’s sick in the time of panic. They can’t tell him it’s coronavirus. So it surely is. All respiratory symptoms at this time are surely coronavirus. When he recovers in a couple of weeks, he’ll announce:


  25. Newmania: “I do wonder if, with the entire civil service devoted to Brexit…”

    From the other side of the water it has appeared for the past few years that the entire civil service has been devoted to exactly the opposite of leaving. One would imagine with the election the tactics of the civil service have changed but not the devotion.

  26. Barks, good point.

    Ken, sitiwashun in Italy prob not helped by the Florentine pol urging people to hug Chinamen.

    History might wonder at how Salvini would have dealt with it.

  27. always usually


    [That I feel unwell], does indicate the failure of government policy

    If he cuts himself shaving I guess that is the failure of government policy too

    After all, it would be really useful to know if I have got coronavirus

    Why? There’s no cure. Self-isolate same as one does with Flu

    He’s a moron




    “I do wonder if, with the entire civil service devoted to preventing Brexit…”

    FTFY – Also, Civil servants aren’t Docs & Nurses; best to keep civil service away to stop their dangerous meddling


    Internet: thought occurred to me today – when I first used it was 1,200bps down; then new modem for 2,400 and repeat for 9,600, 28,000, 56,000, 56k+



  28. The ‘Envy of the World’ – EU
    Brexit EU Watch

    Von der Leyen on virus: ‘EU will do whatever is necessary’ – EU Observer
    Which may be: not very much, or not very much that makes a significant difference, anyway. The EU, at least as represented in Angela Merkel by a lame-duck German politician, in Ursula von der Leyen by a failed German politician, and in Christine Lagarde by a French Eurocrat widely thought to be unsuited to her present ECB role, have by the latter’s admission yet to come together at all, never mind developed a co-ordinated response, let alone sold it to member states. The EU’s institutional sclerosis, along with its lack of a practical either fiscal or monetary policy toolkit commensurate with its supranational pretensions, will almost certainly prevent it coming to a swift or especially effective decision.
    The effect of that is already being seen in individual member states reverting to unilateral decision-making at nation state level, or in Germany at even regional level. As far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned, the utility, even the concept, of pan-European supranationalism is being severely tested by coronavirus, which should strengthen Britain’s hand. This is another reason why the talks should not be allowed to be interrupted or deferred.
    Macron orders closure of all schools in France and warns he may even shut the country’s borders to control coronavirus – Mail
    For the Macron who was once the Davos/Bilderberg globalist oligarchy’s poster-boy for both ‘enlightened’ government by supranational technocracy and wide-open borders, this is an embarrassing climbdown. However, in the same broadcast that he used to announce disease measures, he warned against ‘nationalist withdrawal’ as a pitfall to avoid at international level in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, so he appears to be all over the place, policy-wise.
    With Macron preoccupied with trying to reconcile securing the French nation against the coronavirus outbreak with maintaining his EU-integration credentials, and both against the backdrop of difficult French municipal elections tomorrow and next Sunday, his influence as one of the intransigents on the Brexit negotiations is waning

    Perspective: In UK ~1,680 die every day Total ‘with’ CV-19 UK Deaths is? Daily death rate this week vs Mar 2019?

    Read and Weep
    Carry on squandering – it’s business as usual for foreign aid
    “The question that every international development secretary should ask him or herself, but never does, is why poverty and deprivation in Africa persists despite the billions of pounds channelled there over the years. If the system of foreign aid worked, we would be seeing major positive results by now. That we haven’t should surely ring alarm bells”

    Some Good News
    Welcome to Naomi Seibt, the cure for Gretavirus

    Three cheers for Sky News Channel in Australia for giving a young lady called Naomi Seibt the platform she’s been so far denied by the UK’s media.
    If you haven’t heard of the 19-year-old German, the truth is that neither had I until about a week ago when one of TCW’s on-the-ball readers alerted us to her.
    Naomi Seibt is the necessary antidote to the Greta climate alarmism virus that’s swept through the Western World – a very brave and very admirable young climate change sceptic. Extraordinarily, this highly intelligent teenager has barely featured in the British press. James Delingpole, as ever, being the honourable exception

    I’m pleased to say I have been promoting anti-woke Sky News Australia and Naomi Seibt here for many months

  29. My bus route to work goes past the care home where all 4 deaths in the entire country have occurred and I’m not being this paranoid

  30. 90% of people are stupid, 90% of everything is crap and the amount of surprise and outrage here expressed by apparently clever and well informed folk at the amounts of stupid crap is a further example thereof.

  31. @Gamecock

    JANET and PrimeNet in 1980s. First job after grad: 1,200 bps BBS and a trans-atlantic link to Texas Instruments*.

    You must be ~10 years older than me

    * TI – I made a big boo-boo one day by deleting an entire table from their DB2 system. Saved my job by going straight to Mgr and confessing

  32. Pcar, I’ll be 71 in a month.

    Started getting involved with computer projects in 1975. Moved into computer group in 1978. DEC PDP-11s and VAXes for 30+ years.

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