Capitalism caused COVID-19 or vice-versa?

From the Cambridge University magazine Varsity

Community organising has shown what solidarity and self-sacrifice looks like in practice. Wildcat strikes have shown where the power really lies in society. Faith in the market has gone into free-fall as many are taking their destinies into their own hands. Capitalism is the disease. Socialism is the cure.

Some people need to find more creative and less awful outlets whilst in isolation. In this case I would prescribe a course of roughly 3-4 wanks a day, repeated daily for a fortnight or until the urge to write silly crap ceases.

38 thoughts on “Capitalism caused COVID-19 or vice-versa?”

  1. “Margaret Thatcher’s declaration that there is no such thing as society”


    How many more times does that have to be taken out of context? Here’s what Mrs T actually said in the interview in question.

    “I think we have gone through a period when too many children and people have been given to understand “I have a problem, it is the Government’s job to cope with it!” or “I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!” “I am homeless, the Government must house me!” and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then also to help look after our neighbour and life is a reciprocal business and people have got the entitlements too much in mind without the obligations…..

    …. If children have a problem, it is society that is at fault. There is no such thing as society. There is living tapestry of men and women and people and the beauty of that tapestry and the quality of our lives will depend upon how much each of us is prepared to take responsibility for ourselves and each of us prepared to turn round and help by our own efforts those who are unfortunate.”

  2. Dear Mr Worstall

    It is strange the way people think when they have proof before their eyes of how full-on socialism looks: no toilet paper.

    This week’s poll at the BMJ: “Is it time to nationalise pharmaceutical companies?”

    Yes 65.95% (1,697 votes)
    No 34.05% (876 votes)
    Total Votes: 2,573

    That will solve everything.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.


  3. Full-on socialism is selling one’s pussy for a single branded plastic carrier bag as they are very fashionable and envied on the streets of Leningrad.

  4. “Capitalism is the disease. Socialism is the cure.”

    It’s a whole load of capitalist tech that’s working and keeping us alive: all that internet stuff that the likes of the Guardian fucking hate: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook.

    Apple: made tablets easy enough for your grandma to buy shopping online
    Google: search for stuff, YouTube, free patents on stuff
    Amazon: your stuff delivered without you having to go out
    Facebook: community groups where people are requesting help and local people are helping them.

    What have Guardian writers done to help?

  5. DP, in the context of the times and of the BMJ’s readership, that is a remarkably libertarian result!

  6. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    I hope the transaction was merely renting.

    Selling sounds rather I dunno surgical. Plus are there really buyers? Transplants ?

  7. Andrew C – always good to read the wisdom of Her Thatchness. The mere fact that this humanistic and moral passage has been repeatedly misquoted by the left shows what an utter bunch of cunts they are.

    In this case I would prescribe a course of roughly 3-4 wanks a day

    These are young people Richard, they need to be knocking one out at least half a dozen times to excise their idiocy. Or at least to tire them out so they cease to trouble the adults.

  8. The latest edition of the LRB, alias shitweasel fortnightly, is packed with humorous stuff like this

  9. BlokeinTejas, yes I can see your point, she was a poor Kolhoznik girl, deflowered and forced to become a Rentier by the evil and deprived Capitalist pig.

    The late author Philip Kerr whose books are based in Weimar Germany, women in the books “sell their mouse”.

  10. MC–The front end of a fist right between the eyes will stop the squarking of young sewage and when–or if–they come around there won’t be a mess for them to clean up.

    All of this leftist shite is a rod we –and by “we” I mean the fools of BlueLabour –have allowed to become a rod for our own backs.

    Time that socialism was de-legitimised. It might be too late but I think not.

    So were I PM –time for a fireside chat with the Nation.

    Point out in a folksy (downhome folks is the awful US expression I believe) manner the 100 million murdered by socialism.

    Say that this is a free country –you can still be in Labour , talk socialist shite etc–but the cult will suck at no more public tit.

    Therefore–unis and schools purged. Soc will be no more tolerated than support for Big Adolf and his party would be. Any from of endorsement for leftist evil-including eco-freakery =gross misconduct. Purge senior civil service as well. And unleash a blizzard of truth about what socialism is and what it has done. Internet, TV etc. Force a purge on TV advertising–you can fiddle with laws as needed. And of course BluLab itself would have to be purged.

    Use the same methods to “de-normalise” the left as they have used on us.

    If we don’t then we are leaving un-cut-out a cancer that will again kill millions if it gets its chance.

    Which a new Depression will give the motherfuckers in spades.

  11. “The front end of a fist right between the eyes will stop the squarking of young sewage and when–or if–they come around there won’t be a mess for them to clean up.”

    Please, Ecksy, fearless keyboard warrior that you are, cut the fascist blowhardery. It’s so tedious – particularly in someone of your years, who should know better.

  12. Knowing better is an amusing viewpoint from someone of YOUR years Theo esp with a supposed public school quality education–as the mess we are now in is the result of your BluLabour shower of shite which has failed every fucking test of it since WW2 ended. Save a few short and very flawed Thatcher years–also brought to an end by the same dross you have helped finance all along.

    As for “keyboard warriors” the way matters are going you would be wise to anticipate trouble. Remember Theo all that keeps people in line is that they have something left to lose. Once your crew have managed to cost them that–and a hundred thou+ on the dole so far–not bad for a single week— then there will be lots of trouble kicking off everywhere. Lets hope some of it reaches your cozy lifestyle. And as always you have a LOT more to lose than I do.

  13. Faith in the market has gone into free-fall as many are taking their destinies into their own hands.

    Freedom is slavery, friends.

  14. Perhaps the current young’s obsession with socialism is because of their upbringing?
    In times past, the young were expected to earn their keep, even the smallest helped at harvest time.
    Nowadays, they are supported by their parents, do nothing to help, and hide in their rooms playing XBOX. Then off to Uni, still supported by their parents.
    So for the first 21+ years of their lives, all is provided for free.
    Little wonder they want this state of affairs to continue for what they laughling call their adulthood.
    What a shock it is to their little heads when they find out that working for a living is hard. Like, you actually have to get out of bed, go somewhere, and do things. All day!
    And then half your pay goes in deductions!! Why do I have to pay tax, that’s only for other people. I WANT!

    A hard dose of reality might go a long way to correcting the socialism virus, its far dealier than the covid one.
    Then we could have a go at corrective therapy for The Green Madness. Live without fossil fuels for a year. Anyone that survives the winter will have a more realistic understanding. Those that don’t will have been eaten by those that do.

  15. ‘Community organising has shown what solidarity and self-sacrifice looks like in practice.’

    Community organising never fed a hungry child.

    ‘Wildcat strikes have shown where the power really lies in society.’

    Unpower. Shutting things down – strikes – doesn’t power anything. That strikers can stop things doesn’t produce anything; it stops production.

    ‘Faith in the market has gone into free-fall as many are taking their destinies into their own hands.’

    Yes. Suicide. And taking as many others with them as they can.

    As a professor suggested a few months ago, time to turn the heat off at Cambridge. No more electricity. No more food deliveries. Let the seige – that they asked for – begin.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    Amazon: your stuff delivered without you having to go out

    The whingeing on Twatter was something to behold when it was announced that Amazon would be delivering the self-test kits for testing if you’ve had the virus.

  17. “Knowing better is an amusing viewpoint from someone of YOUR years Theo esp with a supposed public school quality education–as the mess we are now in is the result of your BluLabour shower of shite which has failed every fucking test of it since WW2 ended.”

    A perfect and unsurprising non sequitur, Ecksy. How’s your aneurysm developing?

  18. Mr Ecks, I’m not going to memory-hole this one:you voted Tory in December.

    You. Voted. Tory.






  19. Perhaps there is a nice Caribbean island these people could emigrate to and try out their ideas. Maybe the one that’s about 70 miles south of Florida.

    Failing that, maybe we could subsidise a nice Iranian person to spend a few days wandering around Cambridge, coughing and spluttering. I hear from BBC R4 More or Less that there are many Iranians infected by COVID-19

  20. Had enough of the compulsory/statist/nasty-little-fascist-curtain-twitcher nature of the lockdown already.

    “The City of Chicago and the Chicago Police Department will assist in enforcing this order, but we are counting on the good judgment of residents in deciding when to go out – the intention of this order is not to penalise individuals but to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.”

    That’s how you do it everyone, not like this: forgetting that we’re a common law country where things are legal unless banned, forgetting that the police can’t just make stuff up they feel like.

    Mr Ecks, will you be standing in an election soon so that I can vote for you?

  21. @Andrew C March 28, 2020 at 3:57 pm



    Self-employed who earned >£49,999pa are seemingly evil scum: no taxable CV-19 <=£2,500pm 'grant' for them

    @Rev. Spooner

    Next Rebecca LB will be demanding shares/organs in people who receive payments

    @Tim the Coder March 28, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    Good observation

    When I was young many had paper-rounds etc and we all hunted for bottles for their deposit.

    I worked in my parents business from age 9 – standing on a beer crate washing dishes for 8p/hr. Reward was being able to buy a radio-cassette recorder, then a 5 speed bicycle, then….

    Having to earn to buy what I wanted was a great lesson and gave me independence and freedom

    @Mr Lud

    Ecks not only voted Tory, he implored us to overlook BoJo's socialism and EU capitulation

  22. A non-sequitur you have no answer for Theo–surprised you replied at all–you usually just vanish when challenged about your long term support for utterly destructive offal of the Tory Party.

    Mr Lud and any others–I voted for Brexit and Blojo was the ONE AND ONLY chance of it happening. THE ONE AND ONLY. After 3 years of betrayal and attempted EU stitch up by Treason May. I asked numerous times for others plans as to how Brexit was to be achieved by other means–don’t recall much coming back.

    As it happens tho I despise BlueLabour Johnson Brexit is one of the few things he looked as if he wasn’t going to fail at. And the fucking EU was helping out by making No Deal ever more likely. In the new circs EU in very poor shape. If Johnson survives and doesn’t drop his bottle we may still get out no deal. If shite like Gove replaces him all bets are off. But par for the course with Theo’s boys.

  23. Ted–American bullshit number two. Tell you what Ted –set up the cameras for your fucking farm/bunker so we can see how well you do when it comes to “cold dead hand” time. As seems increasingly likely. Live feed of your last stand will prove you aren’t chicken-shit.

  24. Pcar–I asked you numerous times how Brexit was to appear sans a Johnson vote.

    You had nowt except waffle. Nothing personal.

    Yeah Blojo is full of socialistic shite–but his cup has now overflowed and I think we will shortly be shot of him via his own LMF. If you think slime like Gove will be any better–go get ready for the boom Theo predicts. You surely will both be just drowning in Champagne.

    Or do YOU have some suggestions for what we could all now do to make a vile situation better. Lots on here don’t like my ideas–lets hear theirs then.

    We need the laffs.

  25. Phil–The prob is that the bluebottles have muscle and are happy to use it on lone members of society.

    As Steve–I think–pointed out the RoP are still tribal and will turn out en masse to put fists in Bluebee faces if they try to –say–disperse a mosque crowd. And start the “racist” channels vibrating one second after the actual fight is over. Plod won’t bother them regardless of how brazenly they defy the orders.

    I don’t know anybody I can call to turn out and help me punch it up with the police. Neither do most of us. Doubtless Theo–the enemy of keyboard warriors –has a shotgun licence like so many of his class–but short of plod trying to kill his family or something (so far) unlikely there are no circs he would use it under. So practically speaking there is no way to force Plod to be less arrogant.

    The political/bureaucratic dross could bring their thug squad back into line–contrast Police 1955 say to now –but we have zero influence on the polipigs .Esp once leftism and Common Purpose are on the job. And BluLab is riddled with them.

    Except now I think there will be changes. Ruining millons of people over a hysterical over-reaction to flu+ is a bad idea if today’s circs are a power grab plan. People stay in line because they have things/people/situations that they don’t want to lose by having run ins with Plod/beaks etc. One of the reasons the Blue trash always try to lose you your job or any business “licence” you may have if you have a run in with them heavier than a warning .

    Once they have already ruined huge numbers then those people have little left to lose. Of course anyone punching a copper because of rage against their arrogance will get extra punishment over some crim punching to try and escape a crime scene. Real crims they don’t care about because they are no threat to the state. People enraged and fighting back against said state ARE a threat to them and will always get priority for jail time. But millions of people ruined is very bad news. Esp ruined over what turns out to be a big nothing like coro. Ruined by state bungling in the most direct fashion.

    That is their future weakness and danger.

    Stand for election? You have to be schmoozer and a weasel for that. I can’t even get along with a bunch of misfits on a blog.

  26. @Mr Ecks

    I voted Brexit Party as not a chance Tory would win. As it was incumbent Left scum took almost all Lib Dem, Green etc votes & increased majority by ~10,000. But yes, BoJo least worse

    Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink criticized the Fuhrer Ursula von der Leyen for EU’s slow response, noting that it was too focused on the climate and too little on the health crisis

    EU too busy criticizing Trump and worshiping Greta

    End of Global Warming model based scam?

    Greta scrambling for attention:
    Greta Thunberg comes down with ‘relevance deprivation virus’

    Attention seeker, can’t stand being out of the limelight. Pathetic
    Turdberg needs to make the world a better place and self-isolate for life

    I’m sick, I demand a new home

    Greta Thunberg’s public relations team has put out a carefully crafted post claiming that the 17 year old idol almost certainly has the Wuhan Virus.

    Greta: how can I stay important now? Ah yes, sympathy vote

    Manipulative bitch

    PS I did reply and asked you, you went awol

  27. Ecks

    We won’t be rid of him. He’s a serious asset, to that particular tribe and even more widely than that, whatever any of us here may think, and whether we voted for him last time (specifically “to deliver Brexit”, as I also did) or not. And, whatever I said the other day (cursing him on lock down day), we do know that he’s not a “natural” authoritarian. That may augur well when this starts to reverse, compared to what might have been.

    Optimism. Simply because we humans (despite all that the left projects) do on a good day have our plus points. Happy for others to think differently, free world and all that, but I personally find the “positive” gene can be self perpetuating (probably the wrong word) when it comes to life generally.

    Apologies, too much nonsense late on…..

  28. PF–I generally agree with you that he did seem reluctant to start this caper–and he is the best of a VERY bad lot.

    I see that I have been even more liverish than usual lately. It is a response to the times but I need to calm down. I am going to set up the water-base heavy bag again tomorrow. It is too noisy for direct use but I intend to use two old quilts wrapped around the bag to reduce the impact noise. This should also mean I will have to hit much harder to get any meaningful sense of impact–which will be a training boost. Hopefully that should help.

  29. – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez denounces the massive coronavirus economic stimulus bill, because it leaves out illegal immigrants
    AOC needs quarantined

    – President Trump delivered on his promises to New York
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio need to stop complaining and take responsibility for their own failures.

    – Biden pressed on reports Obama admin failed to replenish N95 (FPP3) respirator masks

    – Giuliani weighs in on Cuomo, Trump relationship amid coronavirus pandemic
    During a crisis, there’s a tendency to overstate needs for your state, says former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
    [@BiG – Chloroquine @ 6m 16s]

    imo Cuomo now exposed as hysterical panic monger

    Fox vids: Left mob this week now out in force downvoting and negative comments, huge change from previous weeks

  30. 3rd hand from my son: cops in Charlotte are not enforcing “Don’t drive” order. They will respond to calls of crowds to break them up, but that’s all.

    Like Phil, I’m uncomfortable with their being legally allowed to, even if they don’t.

    My son showed me his “papers,” allowing him to “legally” drive in Charlotte. Sieg heil.

    Dems might be pushing Cuomo out front, getting him some face time. They might be planning to cheat Biden out of the nomination, and select Cuomo. Biden is a joke. It would be smart for the Dems to pick Cuomo.

  31. Bloke in North Dorset

    Dems might be pushing Cuomo out front, getting him some face time. They might be planning to cheat Biden out of the nomination, and select Cuomo. Biden is a joke. It would be smart for the Dems to pick Cuomo.

    Tucker Carlson was saying something similar on the Speccie’s Americano podcast. (A good listen BTW)

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