Character will out

Chaotic scenes were also reported across shops in Merseyside as toilet roll, eggs, bread and milk disappeared off the shelves.

None of which was paid for – there being a certain cultural innateness to certain practices.

4 thoughts on “Character will out”

  1. Why shouldn’t Geordies marry Scousers?

    Kids would be too lazy to steal.

    Yes, I know I’ve told it before. But it deserved another outing.

  2. Aus: Woolworths introduces dedicated shopping hour for elderly and disabled

    Easily the best bit of news I’ve heard in a while. Good for Woolworths. I’ve seen people say a lot of horrible stuff about the elderly since this thing started kicking off, so this was nice to hear

    The big BUT 7am to 8am – it’s virtue signalling click-bait, one time I’d agree with a twatter storm attack

    Perspective: In UK ~1,680 die every day Total ‘with’ CV-19 UK Deaths is? Daily death rate this week vs Mar 2019?

  3. I always enjoyed going to Liverpool for the day. We’d go there by car and come home on the train.

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