Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, is ‘avin a larff ‘ere

Not that we expect much from her but still:

Both roles have been filled by distinguished parliamentarians. Malcolm Rifkind and Dominic Grieve chaired the security committee while Andrew Tyrie and Sarah Wollaston led the liaison committee.

Wollaston? Distinguished Parliamentarian?

7 thoughts on “Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, is ‘avin a larff ‘ere”

  1. Does anyone really think that these select committees have any real value? They seem to work as a way for loser MPs to parade and grandstand before the public. Did the kangaroo court run by Hodge the dodge actually achieve anything? Does the climate change committee do anything of value?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    Real political nerds think they do a lot of good work behind the scenes scrutinising legislation and holding ministers and senior civil servants to account. The problem is that we only hear about them when they’re grandstanding because that’s all the MSM is interested in. From my brief experience civil servants fear their ministers or them being summoned.

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