Define civil society

In the accountancy reform process it is necessary to:

and the integration of a civil society voice into the reform process to prevent regulatory capture.

As Snippa, who quotes this, is fond of pointing out, civil society can only undertake this task if it is financially supported. And the definition of civil society is peeps who think like Snippa does.

He has, for example, been quite clear in the past that Tim Worstall, or the Adam Smith Institute, do not qualify as civil society. Because they doesn’t think like Snippa does.

Trebles all round righteously thinking people, eh?

2 thoughts on “Define civil society”

  1. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    Actually, as Spud is well aware, the process for changing IFRS Standards, etc. is entirely transparent. And the public – interested parties – are encouraged to participate throughout.

  2. Meanwhile, his explanation for why IFRS 9 (expected credit losses) should stay the same is remarkable for – even by Spud’s standards – just how wrong it is. He claims that banks used to keep non-performing loans on their balance sheet at full value. Lol.

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