Demented porridge wogs are demented

Asda staff at Scots stores had food thrown at them by aggressive coronavirus panic-buyers

So, you’re trying to buy food to hoard. At which point you throw it at people.

Can we ask these people to leave yet?

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  1. Another Asda worker in Dundee said she had a microwavable burger thrown at her when she told a ­customer he wasn’t allowed to buy 12.</b

    Did she just assume Carrie Marshall's gender?

  2. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    Vaguely puzzled by why Northern Italy has a different age distribution of deathsbyCovid than other places, and remembering Tim’s “old man’s friend” column, I wondered just how bad this all is.

    Now, CV19 kills more slowly than flu, and flu is present in or available to everybody, and and and. But this paper seems to say that (i) Italy has many more cases of flu than equivalent countries and (ii) 25000 deaths in 2016/2017 were attributable to flu. Paper:

    Currently they have less than 5000 deaths attributable to CV19 (hence early days etc up there)

    I would imagine that the 2020 death rates for flu, pneumonia and many many other things will be lower in Italy when published next year or whenever; everybody who was going to or likely to die of those will instead by offed by CV19…

    So, to cut a long rambling mercifully short, is it the case that CV19 is probably largely a replacement method of shuffling off the mortal coil, rather than a new additive one?

  3. Italy is overcounting. If someone dies from complications of being-hit-by-a-car, and also tests positive for CV19, it’s a corona virus death. I kid you not.

  4. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    Yeah, I know. There’s even a paper about it.

    But my point stands, no? There’s a risk (if that’s the right word) that when all is said and done, there may well be very few extra deaths from this mierda.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I did see a comment on Twitter, with no link, that in Italy they put Covid-9 on the death certificate if the patient had it, no matter what the underlying problems, whereas in Germany only if it is the direct cause of death. Other countries somewhere between, hence the various mortality rates.

    It was a usually trusted source.

  6. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    Yep. I believe there was a comment that they’d sort this all out eventually, to establish better data, but for the moment they were busy. I half-remember a number like “when we re-examined causes of death, two cases out of 157 were clearly and only CV19; the rest were folk dying of CV19 just before they’d die of something else” – or some such.

  7. BiTiN – here in Hong Kong, winter flu deaths are down even though we’ve only had 4 COVID-19 victims, because of widespread mask-wearing and hand-washing.

    Amusingly, now the virus has taken hold in their home nations, more gweilos are wearing masks and staying out of the pub than when the infections were climbing and the Chinese border still open!

  8. Germany has tested far more people than any other country, even more than South Korea, I believe. They are picking up loads of minor or asymptomatic cases among younger people. They are at very low risk as individuals but they are carriers and spread it to those who are far more vulnerable.

    And there was that study in Vo’ – the virologist who tested the entire population (3,000) many times, and found 50-75% of the positive tests displayed no symptoms at all.

    Anyway, I’m sure that we can match or even outdo the worst that Scotland has to offer, we have more than enough scum like this.

  9. Some shops have hired ­security guards to help prevent ­high-demand goods being ransacked

    Morrisons yesterday had two: one near entrance, one patrolling in police look-alike garb. Don’t know why, nothing to ransack except clothes

    fyi Daily Record is Scotland’s (UK’s) most Left red top rag, Daily Mirror is mild vs it

  10. Italy

    Italy COVID-19 deaths increase by 793 in a day. Total now 4,825

    Italy’s COVID-19 death toll surpasses China’s

    Italy says: “Learn from us, act fast, lock-down” – err that’s what Italy did and it didn’t work. Lesson: don’t copy Italy policies

    Italy doesn’t say: “Our hoards of Chinese workers went home for Chinese New Year, then we let them return. We didn’t want be called Racist like Trump was”


    Why does CNN continue to push China’s agenda?

    Why does America’s media take China’s side amid coronavirus pandemic?

    Once the coronavirus crisis passes, we’ll need to starting treating China like the dangerous, Cold War-level adversary it has clearly become

  11. Pcar said:
    “Morrisons yesterday had two [­security guards]: one near entrance, one patrolling in police look-alike garb. Don’t know why, nothing to ransack except clothes”

    My local Morrisons had one on the door and the other guarding the loo rolls.

  12. I believe the Scotch Asda incident broke out because they’d drunk the last of the hand sanitiser.

  13. @RichardT

    Morrisons today no security guards.

    Maybe they read my “nothing to ransack except clothes” comment

    Bare shelves in abundance: veg, meat, dry goods, UHT; had about 20% stock eggs

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