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Digital Care Package

Over £100 of Free Goodies For Isolation.

Across the globe, we’re adjusting to a new reality. Socially distancing ourselves from loved ones and adapting to new routines, even if temporary, can be incredibly challenging. We wanted to take this opportunity to send you a digital care package. Below you’ll find over £100 of materials. A mixture of things we’ve curated, created, or just found helpful. We hope that, in some small way, it may help improve your mental wellbeing. Just click the gift below! Free goodies include books from the ASI, IEA and others plus some vouchers and free trials. Madsen has also included a copy of his PHD that was republished a few years ago called “Trial and Error and The Idea of Progress”.

– Tim & The Team (please help by sharing this on Twitter)

(We’d like to say a BIG thanks to The ASI, IEA and others who helped put this together)

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18 thoughts on “Digital Care Package”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    m’Lud – you’ve been cancelled. That is what new hell this is.

    Also it’s not wise lightly to invoke the name of Murphy who is busy marking out zil lanes in Ely while Cambs Constabulary looks on benignly.

  2. It’s a curio, Mr B, but my 3.59 apercu didnae exist 20-odd mins ago.

    I ought to go and have a lie down, with a vinaigrette and a Brazilienne.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    m’Lud – begob & begorrah, you’ve been replatformed! By all means have a lie-down but Austrian countesses are prone to fits of jealousy.

  4. Since she discovered me with her mother, the Dowager, she’s been making me feel that, Mr B.

    But slowly I’m bringing her to heel.

    God’s work, doncha know?

  5. Anyone catch the BBC news tonight? Couple of corkers…..

    – American must be worried as more people have now died of Coronavirus than were killed in 9/11.

    What? WTF? where did that come from? What relevance has planes crashing into buildings got in this situation?

    – Sympathetic interviews with Brits on holiday in the back of beyond demanding to know why Boris hasn’t risen from his sick bed to personally fly a rescue helicopter to their sun longer to pick them up and fly them home.

    Every now and again I watch the BBC news convinced it can’t be as shyte as I remember and it always is.

  6. Snigger Time

    Covid-19: Welsh Goats volunteer to guard streets and cut grass & hedges

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s are running up ‘£4m a year’ security bill [for apostrophe and s police]
    Harry and Meghan have agreed to pay for the cost of their security personally

    After initially insisting that they would ‘collaborate’ with the Queen by adopting a ‘half in, half out’ strategy, the couple concluded by confirming that they would now be scrapping plans for their own royal foundation and closing down their official communication channels.

    It was a humiliating climbdown given the grand plans Harry and Meghan first outlined when they announced they would be quitting their royal roles back in January

    and lament where we are

    This is the police – step away from the Creme Egg…

    Dominic Sandbrook gives Boris a well deserved mauling

  7. Andrew C

    “Every now and again I watch the BBC news convinced it can’t be as shyte as I remember and it always is.”


    Every now and again, I pick up a comment like this, and am relieved that I no longer have the TV that might otherwise tempt me.

  8. Something, Mr in G. Something. We call it ‘persiflage’. It is otherwise to be found in the Lud latifundia and messuages.

    Besides, I’m promised to a Dowager. And to one of her daughters.

    Duty calls…

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