Don’t let them read The Guardian

Climate change
Climate nightmares: how to reassure a child who is anxious about the planet

Or The Independent. After all, that’s where the scare stories and exaggerations are to be found…..

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  1. Spreading alarm and despondency, it used to be called. Does the Guardian take any responsibility for making ‘vulnerable people’* suicidal, or does it consider that to be its duty?

    * Yes, although it is my policy to regard this term as an infallible marker for shroud-waving propaganda I make an exception in this case.

  2. Newsround on CBBC, allegedly. I’ve just had a look, the two most recent episodes available on iPlayer lead with climate change.

    1970s climate porn was dull black and white text on ruffled newspaper, quietly shuffled between students in the classroom. The 2020s climate porn is 4K HDR colour video in every child’s pocket at the click of a button. No surprise it’s more vivid and has more impact on their developing brains.

  3. “and in Greta Thunberg there is someone kids can relate and listen to”

    Greta Thunberg is like the weird super-well-behaved kid that got selected to appear when a TV crew came to school. One of those goody-goodys steeped in the current social and political bullshit. Back in the 1980s, she’d have been collecting milk bottle tops for Blue Peter or running Bible Club.

    About 90% of the kids, male and female, despised those kids. Most kids out there, especially outside of lefty places like Bristol and Cambridge, don’t give a toss about St Greta, unless they can use it to wangle a day out of school. They all talk about the environment, until they want to go to Sophie’s house, at which point, they expect the Dad Taxi to run them there and back.

  4. Surely John Craven, Chris Packham, The Attentwat etc are the major culprits. Whose kids even look at the Guardian or Indie or Bellygraph?

  5. My 11yo daughter and her classmates think St Greta is “a weirdo who just wants to bunk school” despite the propaganda pushed on them by their teachers. It seems that they have pissed on their own chips a little by teaching them Critical Thinking at the same time. Mind you, daughter does a pretty good impression of her when denied some treat or other.
    “Daddy can I have some sweets?”
    “No, you’ve had enough today”
    (Dramatic eye roll, throws arms in the air)
    “You are sssstealing ma CHALDHOOD”
    Often funny enough to make me relent.

  6. Being at a grammar school in the 1970s I can remember zero interest amongst fellow pupils in anything remotely political until a slight flicker among older ones at the time of the Common Market referendum. Despite the very real, and frequently in the news, threat of nuclear annihilation I can remember zero activism and barely a mention in passing from either pupils or teachers. Maybe it would have been different in a major city but now even the smallest village is infected with climate hysteria.
    I think we had a better time and less troubled sleep.

  7. As far as I can make out St Greta’s demand is that we must do ‘something”.

    There is no detail of what the ‘something’ is. Apart from demanding it. NOW. Before it is too late.

  8. Andrew C: As I and many other people have been saying, we *are* doing something.
    Successive government have made petrol four times more expensive than it would be in a free market in order to try and persuade people not to use it. Governments have made domestic gas and electricity at least 25% more expensive than it should be in order to try and get people not to use it.

    My 20-year-old car needs 10l of petrol to get 100 miles, 20 years ago a 20-year-old car would have needed 40l for the same 100 miles.
    Solar and wind can produce electricity cheaper than coal.
    Getting on for 90% of homes are insulated to make them fuel efficient, the remaining homes are the tail-end too difficult and too not-worth-it.

    I could go on, but it’s lunch time.

    We are *not* doing nothing.

  9. BoM,

    I have no difficulty visualizing the thundertard as a leading light in the League of German Girls (she already has the hair style) and getting a pat on the head from the great leader while wearing a satisfied smirk.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    “There is no detail of what the ‘something’ is. Apart from demanding it. NOW. Before it is too late.”

    Apparently that “something” is listening to The Science.

    Whatever The Science is, its not science as we know it because nobody has to demonstrate a hypothesis and then defend it from all-comers, who apparently are known as Deniers in The Science.

  11. It’s all very Orwellian
    Youths get to denounce adults
    Communications are monitored for ideological purity
    There’s even a daily hate in the Grauniad/Independent

    All we need is a Ministry of Truth….

  12. Where’s that chump Theo? Still paying your dues to the BluLabour green-gang? They intend to put us all an shanks pony –not just the plebs you look down your nose at. Despite the fact the maj of their own activists think its all eco-shite.

  13. Remind me, Mr Ecks, which way you voted in December …

    Too late to come the thundering, cleansing revolutionary, I’m afraid.

  14. @Mr Ecks

    Was tommy set up by the system?
    Was Tommy Robinson set up by the state knowing how he would respond to his daughter being grabbed by a grown man?
    Why was the man let go without proper questioning?
    So many things smell badly here.

    It’s highly probable Tommy was set up, a distraction from the fact Gov’t won’t publish the “Grooming Gang” review*?

    As for the “Hearts of Oak” movement Sargon put up an interview with David Starkey

    The fact that you, someone just talking about this on YouTube, has to choose their words so bloody carefully is infuriating

    David Starkey on Islam in Britain

    Starkey: “We have a significant Muslim population; it can’t be undone” – Narendra Modi says otherwise

    * The UK Government is Too Scared to Release the Javid’s Grooming Gang Report

    imo good reporting, but too verbose; he needs to edit them down to 5-7mins

    They must expect full-blown race riots and lynchings over this. What other legitimate claim could they have to it being “not in the public interest” to release their findings, other than the findings being so damning that they expect people to drive RoPs out?

    Gov needs to be deluged with FOIs on this

  15. @Andrew C

    Greta Thunberg shuts down EU bosses: You are Only Pretending to be a climate leader, empty words

    Reciting a speech written by her puppet masters – Sock Puppet Greta

    Is Greta Thunberg Over-Reacting About Climate Change? – YES

    Girl in Cumbria reciting learned lines. Doesn’t answer question, recites another soliloquy

    German girl very good, answers questions and rebutts well


    +1 on Cold War nuclear annihilation. We all knew it could happen, but it wasn’t rammed down our throats 24/7 by school and msm

    Growing up in NI in 1960/70/80s also had risks, but again wasn’t rammed down our throats 24/7 by school and msm

    Ethos was mostly ‘Ignore and carry on as usual’

    BBC, DoE etc are guilty of child abuse and as bad or worse than RoP child ‘grooming’ rape gangs


    My 1987 Rover 820Si averaged 32.8mpg when I owned it for 10+ years and >100,000 miles. Day to day was <10mile commutes, but it also visited Aberdeen, Belfast, Berwick, Carlisle, Chester, Dublin, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Portmeirion…

    My mother's 2014 Micra 1.2 averages 39.8mpg

    “Solar and wind can produce electricity cheaper than coal” – bollocks, if true it wouldn’t be subsidised

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