Einstein and insanity

Amazing this:

Senator Elizabeth Warren came in a disappointing third place in her home state of Massachusetts and struggled to break through the viability threshold of 15% in other states.

Even after Hillary’s ground breaking run it appears that American still don’t like hectoring women who remind all of their first mother in law.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I saw a rather interesting theory on Twatter, might have been via Diogenes:

    Biden gets nomination
    Appoints Hillary as is running mate
    Miracle happens and Biden wins
    Biden resigns citing dementia
    Viola, Hillary becomes POTUS

  2. Warren lied about being sacked from a teaching job because she was pregnant, but an earlier interview was uncovered where she said she quit because she didnt think that teaching was for her and she didn’t have the qualifications. The minutes of the education board’s meeting around the time show they offered her a continuation. Warren lied about being an Indian and was found out.

    She’s got an annoying voice that sounds like she’s simultaneously seeking one’s approval and bossing one around.

    What’s not to like?

  3. Clearly harridans need to become a new protected class entitled to special consideration and quotas in their favor.

    As regards to Hillary becoming the VP nominee with Biden’s resignation putting him into office, if I were Biden I’d be very cautious about retaining a food taster at all times.

  4. Can’t see Hillary’s pride allowing her to go that route despite the obvious greed at how much she could make out of it.
    Wouldn’t be surprised that Warren is hanging on despite poor performance so she can sell her self to Bidens team as the VP that can suck up Bernies supporters in the election or hoping it’s close enough that she can do some horse trading with the small delegate count to tip the balance in one sides favour in return for a key appointment

  5. TD, that’s an interesting point. Given affirmative action everywhere else, why shouldn’t women [insert other perceived victim group of choice] politicians have their own? Thus, under some electoral college type system, every vote cast for a female candidate cancels +1 more than all the votes cast for all the other male candidates?

  6. Mike Bloomberg drops out of race, endorses Biden

    I wonder if he’ll pay meme etc creators/trolls to work for Creepy Joe now?

    Elizabeth Warren fails to win her home state of Massachusetts


    Biden only looks moderate because he is next to Bernie

    Rather like UK where we have to chose Least Worst

    Angry protesters storm the stage at Biden’s Super Tuesday rally

    Don’t you just love those kind, gentle, compassionate vegans

    Bernie Sanders: Biden and I have a very different vision for the country

    Yep. USA: Biden wants a Lefter France/Spain, Sanders wants Cuba/Venezuela

  7. Buttjudge and CRowbutcher exit was obviously coordinated by DNC. Obviously to save Biden. Well, more correctly, to stop Bernie.

    Dem establishment will go full tilt in support of Biden.

    The race will be between which comes first, the election in November or Biden goes completely hebephrenic.

    It’s going to be close.

  8. Gamecock. If the DNC can’t stop Bernie now they’re even dumber than I think, but I can’t help but think of the Spaniards propping up El Cid’s body on a horse and sending his mounted corpse galloping out onto the battlefield to rally the troops. There is a fun irony in that it appears that the Democratic nominee will need to be someone acceptable to southern Democrats in states that will surely vote for Trump. I’ve seen it noted that southern Blacks just threw a ton of sand in Bernie’s gears, which seems to suggest that southern blacks are, in fact, the most intelligent Democrats. I wonder just how many the Dems could afford to lose.

  9. Dunno, BNIC, but Warren staying in pulls from Bernie’s socialists and keeps possibility of brokered convention alive. Bernie’s people getting furious with Warren. She hurts Bernie, not Biden.

    Bernie must have the majority of delegates going into the convention. Plurality will do him no good. The convention will not pick him if they have a choice. He has to win it outright, or he won’t get it.

  10. Looks like Warren was just there to split Bernies vote and allow the establishment candidate in and she managed to spectacularly fail at even doing that, no doubt she’s been promised some position/reward
    If she takes the sensible course of withdrawal as she has no chance then if she doesn’t endorse Bernie her leftist credentials are done for, so wouldn’t be surprised to see her hang on to avoid having to back anyone else

  11. Lieawatha has dropped out.

    Someone in the Democrat party is wielding an iron fist. I WONDER WHO IS IN CHARGE?

  12. Timeline

    Sanders Would Love To Talk To Warren About Role In His Administration

    Elizabeth Warren drops out of 2020 race

    Warren speaks after dropping out of race, says she’s not yet making an endorsement

    Bernie Sanders responds to Elizabeth Warren dropping out of presidential contest

    Unless DNC offers Warren a bag of gold she’ll endorse Sanders

    Move to Aus
    Democrats ‘are panicked’ that ‘socialist’ Bernie Sanders could win [nomination]

  13. “Democrats ‘are panicked’ that ‘socialist’ Bernie Sanders could win”

    The irony being that they all agree with Bernie. The problem is he is saying it out loud. Cultural hegemony prevents socialism. It must be achieved by stealth.*

    *As Gramsci pointed out nearly a hundred years ago, it will fail anyway. Without changes to cultural hegemony, socialism will always fail. The “It has never been tried” lie emphasizes the people implementing it, when the real problem is the people it is being thrust upon.

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