Erm, ‘ang on

The Mail. It’s showing Shell’s dividend yield at 7.67%.

Which doesn’t quite sound right to be honest. More like 15% or so I think?

I think I can see what it is too. Look at the stock exchange page. ~Yield as at 31 Dec 2018 was 6.2% or so. Add in the wandering dollar, or maybe update to 31 Dec 2019. OK, 7.67%.

But the share price has laved since then. Therefore the yield has doubled. Their calculation of the yield, that is, is not at market price. It’s at market price on 31 Dec,


3 thoughts on “Erm, ‘ang on”

  1. RDSB always pays the 47 us cents per share, 4 times a year, converted in GBP it is £0.364 paid 23rd March.

    Yield is now 15.62%.

  2. I haven’t looked at my portfolio in over a month.

    A. I don’t want to know.

    B. Any valuations – and analysis – is ephemeral.

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