Err, no Mr. Warner

Not quite:

Future generations will face higher taxes – but that is a price we must pay

I believe Telegraph writers now create their own headlines. For it’s not that we must pay that price, it’s that they, those future generations, must pay that price.

We’re in the third of Friedman’s ways of spending money, other peoples’ on us. Caviar all ’round, eh?

5 thoughts on “Err, no Mr. Warner”

  1. Using Edge browser on mobile, if you tap the X on the top right corner as the page is loading, it will allow you to read the pay walled articles.

  2. To be fair, I think the Telegraph headline writers are on a clickbait incentive scheme. Mostly they have nothing to do with the underlying article. Having said that Mr Warner is largely wrong about everything (imho).

  3. Mark T +1

    Warner writes more and more nonsense with every passing day.

    And the DT generally seems to have gone bat shit crazy with hysteria. Although if that keeps its elderly readership in a continued state of panic, so that they keep off the streets, then perhaps the DT has calculated that’s the best chance of them still being able to buy next week’s copy…..

  4. Mr Warner is largely wrong about everything

    You can replace ‘Mr Warner’ with the name of any Terriblegraph opinion spaffer. I’ve stopped reading the rag.

  5. Odd how deep concern for future generations over ‘climate change’ never extends to concern for them over dumping trillions of debt in their lap.

    Concern for the elderly goes out the window too when it comes to ‘climate change’, the elderly can be made anxious, miserable or killed off by hypothermia with the more expensive energy costs to ‘save the Planet’, but must be saved from a virus which is unlikely to bother most of them.

    That’s the climate doom for you.

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