The spud gets better and better. It’s as if Charles Pooter was running the Khmer Rouge.

Squawkbox manages to sum up the situation.

11 thoughts on “Err, yes”

  1. @Newmania

    I was chatting to someone the other day.

    No matter what the topic, he blamed everything on Brexit or that it reminded him of Brexit. No matter what the topic, he tried to shoe-horn Brexit into the conversation.

    “What a boring twat”, I thought.

  2. Facepaint bores even himself–the state of his bath FFS. Call the EU bath-doctor you CSMF twat–he’ll tell you to take two cyanide and not call him tomorrow. Lucky chap.

  3. ‘“What a boring twat”, I thought.’

    Axe-grinders and catastrophists love Brexit, climate change and Covid 19.

  4. We should have another referendum because many of those who voted for Brexit will have died from COVID-19.

  5. …..and I could be serving up the delicate soufflés of wit Andrew C delights us with ….
    Brexit is indeed , ethnic cleansing performed by timid clerks ,but I had parked it. Nonetheless it is crystal clear that the country is in a worse position to support the economy and health services. Fewer civil servants are doing anything useful, and our slow growth , high debt choice will now walk straight into a global recession .
    Sorry if it upsets you to hear it and I must admit , when someone has an axe stuck in their head saying , “be careful”, feels a bit insensitive. Sorry …

  6. Newmania: well, I would far rather suffer the current indignities in the UK than in the EU. Im sitting airside at TFS waiting for possibly the last flight to LGW, and it’s serious lockdown here in the Canaries, even though the infection rate is still low. At least I can go for a walk in the country tomorrow without being challenged by the Guardia Civil.

  7. “Brexit is indeed , ethnic cleansing performed by timid clerks ”
    The racism obsessed frottager called Newmania cannot engage with the simple question on the ballot in 2016 – should we or should we not remain a member of the EU? If yes, it meant that some portion of our policies and budgets should remain centralised to Brussels.
    God knows why Newmania has shoe-horned health provision into his non-argument to support protectionism for land-owners ( the EU’s main fiscal purpose ) , as health provision was devolved to member States anyway.
    And if avoidance of racism really is a big deal for Newmania, then supporting centralising powers to an organisation which is going to be more racist ( if it is reflective of its constituency ) is not a coherent view.

  8. …..and I could be serving up the delicate soufflés of wit Andrew C delights us with ….

    Well if anyone accuses you of being a wit, they would be half right.

  9. Newmainiac,if remoaners like you had not delayed Brexit for over three years, Brexit would be over by now and the government could be focussing wholly on the pandemic.

  10. True Theo and I’d like to hang the bastard for it.

    But if your precious pack of cancerous BluLabour polyps have not also been a pack of traitors the remainiacs would not have had a chance to sludge up into the mess of shite they are.

    Treason May (EU Agent) had no intention of doing a real Brexit and should be serving 10 years inside for treason along with her gang and oily Robbins.

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