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Even the American left are saying it now

And given Biden’s age and cognitive state, he will likely be a far more hands-off president than Obama.

Not that doing less is a bad thing, King Log has his advantages and consolations.

A good rule of thumb is that nobody who has spent much of their career at the largest banks or hedge funds—Morgan Stanley, Citi, Goldman, JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock—should be considered for a top economic job in the next Democratic administration.

Let’s not have anyone who knows anything, eh?

11 thoughts on “Even the American left are saying it now”

  1. There are still Dems chiding those who say that the old scoundrel is losing his marbles: no, you are cruel, they say, it’s just a stutter.

  2. Dennis, On The Front Lines Fightin' Them Chlorinated Chickens

    What Joe Biden needs right now is a lobster bib and his name on the waiting list for a spot in the secure wing of the best “retirement village” he can afford.

    But it doesn’t matter. What the Democrats were really afraid of was Bernie Sanders winning the nomination and the Bernie Bros taking over the DNC. Sure, they’d like to beat Trump, but isn’t their primary concern (so to speak).

  3. Well, now the Dems will be able to cancel the convention, select the VP candidate in some smoke-free room and have a Uncle Joe/manchurian candidate ticket. Then here comes the 25th amendment, if by any chance he could win at all.

  4. – A Triumph of Taxidermy – Biden vs Sanders (and de-platformed Tulsi)

    Dana: “People like to have a movement or two a day” – marvelous
    “I’m Joe Biden, and I Forgot this message”
    Breaking: Ilhan Omar is to endorse Joe Biden after he mistook his wife for his sister

    – DNC want no further debates, Biden to run, but keep him in isolation until after election

    Remember when Hellary didn’t do an interview for 18 months straight
    Bernie should endorse Trump just like Joe did when he said, “We can only re-elect Donald Trump” They’re both crazy

    – Detroit auto worker who Biden snapped at over guns speaks out

    That guy could’ve buried Joe with one question: “If you don’t work for me, then who do you work for?”

    It’s like Brown’s ‘Bigot’ comment

  5. Doesn’t all of this mean the DNC PTB can riff on the failure of a Bidrn candidacy next time to promote a communist (AOC?) candidacy.

    Look, they’ll say, ‘Mr moderate’ failed last time. This time we need to energise the base.

    Or some such pollsterish nonsense.

  6. “much of their career” = if someone I don’t like worked there for a couple of months then they can be deselected; if someone I do like only worked there for a decade or two, that’s not much so they get a pass.

  7. “Of course, President Droolcup wouldn’t do less, he’d do whatever his handlers tell him.”

    But the folks at the American Prospect don’t want us to consider that point.

  8. @Mr Lud

    – AOC blames Bernie’s lackluster performance on voter suppression

    This woman is an actress who was auditioned for her seat. She spends all day every day with line coaches and PR people learning her lines. Her crazy eyes are turning into Adam Schiff eyes. This is no coincidence

    – Tulsi Gabbard reacts to being shut out of next Dem debate
    Voters deserve to know why those in power don’t want Americans to hear my message, says Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, congresswoman from Hawaii

    Tulsi asked ‘why are they doing this?’ Answer: because you are in a party of crooks and lunatics

    – Hillary Clinton will ‘put her hand up for VP’ as her ‘ego runs very strong’

    Everything the swamp accused Trump of is exactly what Clinton/Obama and Biden are guilty of; and the 25th Amendment will be used to get rid of Uncle Joe, making Hillary the President. As if we didn’t see this coming

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