Gee, Ya Think?

This is seriously stupid:

More women aged 60-64 in work than not for first time in UK – ONS
Experts describe increase as ‘seismic’ but some warn it may be linked to changes to state pension age

Whadda ya mean “some warn”?

Crippled JC on a pogo stick that’s a stupid subhead.

6 thoughts on “Gee, Ya Think?”

  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Quite, G. And their other job is to tell us to rejoin the European Union, just as that institution is beginning to fall apart.

  2. Apart from it being totally untrue. Before Asquith introduced the old age pension most women age 60-64 were working (actually probably continued as Asquith started with pensions for over-70s)

  3. So delaying the date when women become eligible for the State pension therefore they must either go without any income or carry on working until pension payment starts ‘may’ be linked?

  4. Fuhrer Ursula von der Leyen EU Bans exports of medical goods without EU approval
    “exports of these products outside the EU 27-member* bloc would only be allowed with explicit authorization of European Union”

    * Note 27 – UK included in ban


    BBC and C4 too. C4 News tonight message: doesn’t matter what Gov’t & Suppliers do, not enough NHS, we’re all going to die

    C4 News followed on C4 by Dispatches: Trains not good, Gov’t should put all resources into making trains better

    In USA CNN is free, in UK everyone must pay BBC & C4 or face jail

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