Gonna have to sort out the tax on their pensions first

NHS plans to deploy ‘Dad’s Army’ of retired doctors if Covid-19 spreads

10 thoughts on “Gonna have to sort out the tax on their pensions first”

  1. The risk of complications from Covid rises post fifty. It will take a lot more than tax perks to tempt retired doctors from enjoying the fruits of their labours to manning the frontline.

  2. Given that the virus is more dangerous to the elderly, do those retired doctors & nurses really want to be coming into close contact with infected patients?

  3. Good point about doctor-codgers. We’ll just have to conscript medical students. We can reward them with pay, and by making the remainder of their degrees free.

  4. I think nurses rater than consultants are the likely target (assuming this is a real idea and not just today’s ‘line to take’), and they generally won’t have maxed out their pension pot.

  5. Aren’t the political slime balls always saying they want to increase productivity in the NHS, but rather than using less labour per unit output, they increase it? They also want to make it more efficient, which they say can only be done by spending more money to get more out.

    Could it be they do not know what productivity or efficiency means? (Rhetorical.)

  6. John B: maybe they could persuade all the parttime GPs to do a decent day’s work in exchange for a reduction in red tape?

  7. American GPs would do more if you took all the government mandated computers out. I know two doctors that quit over all that s#|+.

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