Richard Murphy says:
March 18 2020 at 7:40 pm
With the greatest of respect, when did you have your charm bypass?

24 thoughts on “Gosh”

  1. I hope we are not overworking “Dick”.

    Trying to rest and failing so far today – strongly suspect I will be in bed this afternoon…

    Meanwhile Diane is practising with the donkey downstairs

  2. “Look how I managed to carry-on making wise recommendations on how to save the world from my sick bed.” He’s probably got nothing more than a cold, if that.

  3. Don’t think it would be possible to perform a charm bypass on Murphy; not sure microsurgery is that advanced.

  4. On that thread, Spud says “And for the record, [I am] currently a professor of international political economy.”

    He elides “of Practice”. Is he still at City University? I had the impression that his time there had ended…

  5. @Theophrastus

    Is he a “Professor” in the same way the Punch and Judy men are given that honorific or in the way Professor Stanley Unwin was. He talks about as much sense as Unwin

  6. I don’t normally do this, as the actress said to the bish, but I thought I’d toddle over to taxresearch to have a gurn at the jibe prompting the charm bypass thing, and …:

    “Posted on March 19 2020

    “I was told by an economist today that the situation that we face now is exactly like the 1930s. Without wishing to name the person in question, I fundamentally disagree with them. In my opinion the crisis that we face now is nothing like that of 1929 and what followed then …”

    But …

    “Richard Murphy says:
    March 18 2020 at 3:20 pm
    Unless we take action very quickly (days, a week or two) then I foresee 1930s style recession, or worse …”

    I thought aficionados might appreciate the bouquet of that one.

  7. Charmless
    Fuhrer Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, said the United Kingdom was not applying restrictions to its external borders

    “Under transition UK still in EU”

    But sales of medical supplies to UK banned, 500,000 CV19 testing kits to Tennessee and ventilators to Bahrain OK

    Left miserablists angry
    Trump defends calling the coronavirus the ‘China virus’
    “US President Donald Trump has defended calling COVID-19 the ‘China virus’, denying the comment was racist.

    Mr Trump has repeatedly used the label, against the World Health Organisation’s guidelines.

    “It’s not racist at all, no. It comes from China that’s why, it comes from China and I want to be accurate,” he said.

    “As you know China tried to say at one point it was caused by American soldiers, that can’t happen.”

    A Chinese foreign military spokesman hit out at the label and argued the US President was stigmatising China”

    “A Chinese foreign military spokesman hit out” – not a ‘Chinese Diplomat’

    “Stigmatising China” – by telling truth which is forbidden in newspeak sjw world

  8. “I was told by an economist today that the situation that we face now is exactly like the 1930s. Without wishing to name the person in question, I fundamentally disagree with them.”

    A variation on spud’s “a very important person asked my opinion on something the other day and this is what I told him”

    Spud name-drops whever he can and is on record only recently of naming people he disagrees with.

    You can be certain that whenever he starts something off like this he’s making it up.

    Sad little man.

  9. Food Hoarding – A task for 4Chan:

    Time to start a rumour that 98% off pasta products are sourced in Italy and the molecular structure of durum wheat flour acts as a natural repository for Coronvirus only some of which will be killed by boiling in water.

    Anyone know how to work Twitter?

    Some vaguely scientific sounding bollocks:

    Pasta is made by processing durum wheat with water (and sometimes eggs). As the pasta is repeatedly folded and stretched air is incorporated into the dough. Since many Italian pasta producers are infected with coronavirus there is a substantial risk of the virus being transmitted via pasta.

    Scientists have demonstrated that coronavirus particles can become embedded in the gluten network inside pasta and may remain active for an unknown period. Cooking for normal times would usually destroy the virions but as they are embedded in the solid gluten structure this may not be reliable.

    It is recommended that everyone boils pasta for a minimum of 50 minutes to ensure complete destruction of the coronavirus particles. Any surplus pasta should be incinerated with a good airflow to prevent infection or disposed of in a contaminated waste container.

  10. @Steve

    Relief and reckoning – Chloroquine

    +1 on cut off China due to their lies & cover-ups. China has blood on their hands

    Trump slams media: They failed to acknowledge my preparedness for coronavirus

    “You, CNN etc called me racist when I announced China travel ban”

    China’s Communist Party tried to suppress the truth instead of trying to suppress coronavirus, says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

    Hopefully COVID-19 will be last nail in the coffin of Chinese Communists like Chernobyl was for Soviets

  11. Pcar: the next crisis is when we discover that all antimalarial production has been globalised to China along with other essential drugs and a lot of medical equipment . I think it’s showdown .

  12. Murphy is playing Piers M. Organ in the final of Least Self-Aware 2020. Murphy is the odds-on favourite with the bookies.

  13. @Ljh

    Fuhrer Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, has banned medical exports to UK without EU approval

    We need a platoon of Private Frasers – are Royal Marines & Paras up for a raid?

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