Higher inflation, yes

But as Oliver Kamm refuses to recognise it’s possible to have too much of a good thing:

Higher inflation, of say 5 to 10 per cent, will also make it easier to deal with the (necessary) widening of the budget deficit. Gradually, nominal interest rates will rise.

10%? Man’s mad

10 thoughts on “Higher inflation, yes”

  1. MC – he’s Karl Stalin, right? slags off is right – no rebuttal, just abuse. What a funny insecure thing to do.

  2. Napsjam – yep. There is also the suspicion that he edits the wikipedia pages of people who cross him, also under a pseudonym.

  3. I remember 10% inflation, and above, it seems people have become used to the low inflation status quo we have had for a while.
    I recall getting a cost of living increase of 9.5% once and people complaining it wasn’t enough.

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