How does this work then?

Most of Friday’s stock exchange losses have been recovered this morning. And why? Because the markets believe that the coronavirus scare has now got to government, and that they will now bail out markets in the event of it developing further, meaning that it’s time for stock exchanges to take private profit at public cost yet again.

Share prices rise. The cost to government of this is what?

5 thoughts on “How does this work then?”

  1. The great thing to grasp is that nobody knows why a particular rise or fall of the market happens. People will bloviate, people will cite a consensus, people will say it stands to reason that … But it’s all twaddle. Nobody knows. Nobody can know. Stuff happens.

  2. At time of posting FTSE is up 3.32 points. Some recovery.

    Is the Potato formerly known as Professor pulling theories out of his arse again?

  3. As his chart shows, 5 days ago the index was damned close to 7200. Last Friday it closed at 6580. It is currently 6598. And he thinks that the losses have been recovered? What is wrong with the man?

  4. Everything, just everything, is evidence that more government control and meddling is required, especially if he can be meddler-in-chief.

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